Sunday, June 16, 2013

I Need A Drink!

A bloody with bacon...we call that breakfast in a glass...with a kick!

I have a real {#firstworld} problem on my hands.

I don't have a signature drink!  {gasp!  horror!  #waspproblems} {this is a serious problem....don't laugh}

As in, when I got to meet friends for drinks, I never know what to order.  I never know what I am in the mood for.  So I always either order a sweeter white wine or a glass of champagne.

I'm so boring!

I used to have signature drinks that I loved to order.  You know, go to orders when out with friends.  But the last few years....I always come up empty.  And always order a boring glass of wine.

Here are things I like...

* White vs red wines.  Mostly because whites are cold though.  I am an ice cold drink kind of girl.  Room temp liquid isn't my favorite.

* Vodka vs gin.  I cannot even stand the smell of gin.  I'm not sure I've even had more than two sips- to me it's just pure foul!  How do people get past the smell??  Gag!  So obvi I would pick a drink with vodka in it.

* Sweets vs savory.  Which is likely why, in part, I dislike gin.  In general, I tend to have a sweet tooth.

* Ale vs beer.  I can't really tell you the last time I had either.  At least a decade, I'm quite certain.  But I don't care much for beer.  Or specifically the way it makes me feel puffy.  As far as flavors, I would drink an ale and enjoy it but honestly, I'd likely just drink water instead.

So what are some of your favorite drinks?  Any new discoveries I should try?  Any cautionary tales I should avoid?  Give me some suggestions!  I'm thirsty!


Buford Betty said...

I always order wine too, but I'm just not a liquor drinker. Only real exception is at places with good margaritas or sangria! Otherwise, a glass of Sauvignon Blanc is my standard.

mFw said...

Have you tried hard cider? Angry orchard is the most popular but wood chuck and crispin are other brands. It is sort of like alcoholic apple juice! I love it! I am not a beer drinker and this is my go to when just grabbing dinner and I'm not feeling hard liquor!

WorthyStyle said...

Hmm cocktails I love:

Malibu rum & Coke
French 75
Dark n' Stormy
Ramos Gin Fizz

Those are my go-tos!

Ruth said...

I feel the same about wine. My signature drink is sprite and whiskey, usually Crown.


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