Thursday, June 13, 2013

Big Night On Facebook And Other Random Bits

Just a random brain dump....

* I am trying to get up to date on my garden posts.  Which brings me joy.  But readers...notsomuch.  Ha.  Sorry.  My blog, my rules.  And I love being able to see my garden progress over the season.  But I get it.  My come back kale story is more of a "you have to be there" sort of thing.  Not quite a thriller for everyone.

* I found not one, but two opportunities I am excited to pursue.  Even if they don't pan out, I have not felt this sort of energy in a long time.  It feels good.  And motivating.

* We have received 9" of rain in the last 22 days.  We were several inches under for the year 23 days ago.  And now we are several inches above for the year.  Oh and we are expecting another inch in the next 24 hours.  I just keep repeating that in June, it's rain, but in February, it would have been snow.

* I went to my garden last night as the rains briefly stopped here (only to continue in full force the rest of the week).  A critter (I suspect a squirrel) has demolished all of my cauliflower and all but one broccoli.  Some of those were re-plants too.  The weeds are out of control and I plan to try adding newspaper and straw.  The tomatoes look very good.  But the disheartening part was that someone dumped a bunch of their weeds over my fence and into my garden.  As my daddy often says, you can't pick your neighbors.  But come on...that's just so rude!  These gardeners are so picky- I've received emails noting that footprints were spotted in a garden so they know someone came in to look.  But it's OK to dump your weeds in a pile in mine?  And I have a fence up so it is very clear where the lines are drawn.  Grrr!

* I had THE MOST AMAZING night on Facebook on Tuesday!  Two college friend discoveries.  It's funny because I thought the first discovery was the headline.  Realizing that the girl across the hall soph year is gay.  Which of course is totally no big deal but I just did not at all realize it.  So it came as a shock to me.  You know, sometimes you totally see these things coming.  Sometimes you don't but you are like "oh I guess it was there but didn't realize it."  And then there are those times like this when you are like "really??!!  Never saw that coming!"  Anyway, good for her.

But that so became the back page story when I found the girl across the hall freshman year.  Sweet, fun girl and also very religious (in talk...all talk..).  Had one of those "I promise to be a virgin forever" rings.  Except, you know, she came to college not one.  Which only adds fuel to my theory that if you hold anything too tight, it breaks free in the messiest of ways.  And one Christmas break, she put the ring in the collection plate at church.  She transferred and it was before Facebook and we lost touch.  But I've wondered about her for years.  I may or may not have stalked FB to find her for long periods of time.  And then last night, when sharing the first story, one of the Besties asked me if I ever found Ring Girl.  I said no, but did a quick search and poof...there she was.  She looks really happy and is leading a life that completely fascinates me.  She ended up going to a bible college and married a guy who is a Jew but believes in Jesus (which I think is the true headline of the story because that just is fascinating beyond words).  They do some sort of missionary work while living in his homeland of Israel.

How did we ever live without Facebook?  I would never know either of those stories without it!!

* I desperately need to spring clean!  I've not even fully swapped out my winter/summer clothes.  They are all just sitting in piles.  I have no excuse either because it's been rainy.

* I get to see my Godbabies in just a few weeks!  And have long talks with Bestie Florida.  I promise not to break any baby heads this time!!

So what's been going on with you lately?  Have you discovered any long lost friends on Facebook?  Any crazy stories?


#unmatched said...

I almost wish all the rain we've gotten here in VA was snow, the rain has washed away all the mulch I purchased this year and killed the majority of my garden. boo.

hmm, facebook recently provided me with the knowledge that my college boyfriend is on his 2nd broken engagement. very interesting.

MCW said...

Yeah, I will admit I skip the gardening posts :)

Jews for Jesus! Now that makes complete sense. Ha.

Katiellirb said...

Hi Lady! So wonderful "catching up" with you! I feel like I've been MIA for a while. Need to get back into life though. Do you ever feel that way? Anyway, can't wait to hear about these 2 new opportunities for you! Woo hoo! Oh, and can you send me some of your veggies from the garden? They look delicious and I have the opposite of a green thumb. Thanks! :)


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