Thursday, June 20, 2013

Follow Up And Other Bits

** This is normal, right?  Drink {iced coffee} in one cup holder and a pepper plant in the other.  It's just how I roll these days.

** Thank you for the sweet compliments on that photo yesterday.  I wish my head was in it to finally update my Facebook photo, because I swear that's the best photo I've ever taken.  Must be the odd angle of the camera.  Those shorts are size 10 or 12, so I promise I am not actually as thin as I magically look in that photo.  But let's pretend just for today anyway!

** I didn't buy the shorts.  When I sat down they were just too short for my comfort level.  I felt scandalous.  It was just too big of a contrast with my Duggar/Sister Wife hair I have happening right now.  Like prude on top and {preppy} street walker on bottom.  But thank you for the compliments.  The shirt I already own.  It's Lilly Pulitzer.

I did find two pairs that I think I still like {must re-try on}from Gap.  Where I had gift cards.  So they were free.  Woo hoo!

** Cousin sent me an email last night explaining that it was her worst day ever because of the {cheating} Loser Boyfriend break up situation.  I was so tempted to write back how bloody rude it is to cancel on someone, especially when tickets have been purchased or acquired.  How it sucks to have other friends I could invite but I invited her and then was left standing alone with a wasted ticket.  For the second time in as many months.  But so far, I've said nothing.  I will probably just reply that I'm sorry he hurt her and leave it at that.  She's family.  And kicking her when she's down, despite my running commentary on the matter, isn't going to help either of us.  I guess.

** I had a play date with my sweet buddy H and his momma, District, yesterday.  H is nearly 6 mos old and I'm pretty sure he thinks I'm as cool as they come.  Well, right after that giraffe teething toy thingy that all babies are obsessed with these days.  But as I am a blip older than 6 months, I tend to hold these play dates at the office {Starbucks}.  I'm back into their iced green tea.  It was my go-to years and years ago and I am suddenly obsessed with it again.  Mmmm!  District and I have all these mutual friends and connections, but didn't know each other until recently.  So it's super fun to have a girly gab session and discuss the latest Facebook gossip in person.

** My grocery store is expanding and doing all sorts of major construction.  As a result, the parking lot has been a hot mess for months now.  I've been going to the other store (same company and actually closer to my home but because of traffic it takes longer to get to) a lot more lately to avoid the messy parking.  But then they announced that they are now offering free valet parking to customers.  I'm guessing I'm not the only one to find a new place to shop.  And while that doesn't really sound fun to me because you then have to wait for your car to come to you, it does make me feel like my area just stepped itself up a notch!  Which is ridiculous, because it hasn't.  But in my {twisted} mind, I feel like we are suddenly fancy pants with valet service at the grocery store.  I like it!


** I bought two pairs of running shorts online the other day.  To wear in the garden.  Bestie suggested short overalls and a straw hat.  But I opt for athletic attire.  I somehow think that if I wear work-out clothes to the garden, it will be just as good as wearing work-out clothes to work-out.  It's not.  But don't burst my bubble.  Sometimes I go run an errand at the grocery store {or the like}after gardening and I wonder if people think that I am a sweaty mess in work-out attire because I just put in an hour at the gym.  Fools!

** We should probably discuss how low my line is that I am suddenly now willing to go to public places not showered, sweaty, and dirty from the garden.  I mean, normally I won't even walk out of the house without blow-drying my hair.  I don't know if this means I am letting myself go or just letting go.


Flo said...

I'd kill to be a 10/12 about now--you look good! And the plant in the cup holder totally looks like something I would do.

MCW said...

The cup holder pic is priceless. If only the drink were a mojito. And I got distracted by my dog and forgot my other comment. Ha

MCW said...

Ok, I'm back. If you're in workout clothes you burn more calories. Fact.


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