Friday, April 19, 2013

The Two Best Blog Stories

This is my favorite blog story ever.  It takes small world to a whole new level.  Especially if you know that Cousin-ish and I are still very close.  Actually, we are probably closer this year than any before.  We text almost daily.  We have found ourselves with the sweetest group of great girlfriends within our Junior League.  Sort of amazing, really!


MCW just posted this and I think it is definitely my second favorite blog story of all time.  Two of my favorite bloggers spent the weekend together thanks to one sweet husband.  Love it!

The connections are hands down the very best part of blogging!


MCW said...

Next time your coming!

Flo said...

What a great story! As someone who has met quite a few people I've met online in person, they aren't all axe murderers LOL

lnipaver said...

I have done the online dating thing (actually met my husband online) but have not had the chance to blog enough to make an y friends through it, sounds really neat though!

AEOT said...

It was SUCH an amazing weekend together!! Thank you so much for sharing this!!


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