Saturday, April 20, 2013

Saturday Shopping To Decompress

After this week, I need a little retail therapy.  Sometimes we all just need to see some pretties and fun treats.  Even if just window shopping.

I love seersucker dresses!


A cute little seersucker number from Target.  Spring decided to disappear after her two day appearance around these parts but it seems many of y'all are in zones ready for cute little dresses and sandals.  Lucky y'all!

I have these shoes in black and get more compliments on them.  Which cracks me up.  They're from Target! I adore the cheerful yellow color.  Perfect for spring!  Plus they look really cute with the blue and white seersucker dress!

Cuisinart Keurig $99

I'm newly intrigued by No More Rack.  Mostly for the vastness of the available items.  It entertains me that they have a little bit of everything on there.  I found these three great deals under "lifestyle."

Juicer $59

I own a juicer and use it off and on.  I like it but my complaint is that it takes more than four seconds to wash.  And I am lazy.  But perhaps I will use it more regularly this summer when I am flush with fresh veggies from my garden plot.  Let's hope!  And I am for sure one of the last people in America to not own a Keurig. For one main reason: I think they are SO wasteful!  I can't get past those little plastic cups that hold the coffee grounds in them getting tossed in the trash daily.  But for everyone else not weird like me, this seems like a great price.

Food Dehydrator $49

True story.  I have always wanted a food dehydrator.  I don't know why.  I mean really, how much food do I plan to dehydrate?  And the time this post is up I will likely have purchased it.  Ha!

I love Talbots!

Talbots is the new Jcrew.

Years ago, Jcrew and I broke up.  It was a messy break up that took forever to actually end but I was finally brave enough to admit that they just never loved me.  They changed the company.  The clothing because more expensive, the designs less classic and more trendy, and the fabrics cheaper.  Oh and my personal favorite and the reason we finally and officially parted ways was when they made their clothes SMALLER.  So that I don't actually fit into their clothing.

But Talbots stepped up their game.  They filled in the blanks that Jcrew left open.  So a few years ago, Talbots because my new Jcrew.  Their pieces are classic, fit well, fit normal women, are well made and are affordable.  They have great sales!  I've never looked back!

DNA Ancestry Test

Groupon has DNA Ancestry Testing for $95.  As one of my parents is adopted, I have forever longed to know some details about my ancestral history.  Has anyone every tried doing this before?

I am really into orange and yellow lately.

Bacon makes it better!  This would be a great man gift idea!

 Flavors including honey, bourbon, carrot cake and more.  Mmmm!


I think bacon would make a great gift for your dad or the man in your life.  And if you aren't in the mood to make your own marshmallows, Fab has a great deal on them right now.  I don't even know what you would do with these syrups.  Make drinks?  But they sound yummy so of course I had to add them to my list today.

And there you have it.  My random, late night finds online.  How did you decompress from all that happened in our Nation this week?


walking dot photography said...

To be honest, I don't think I"ve ever stepped foot into a Talbots before - I'll have to check em out! :)

Katiellirb said...

I completely agree that Talbot's is my new JCrew. Well there or Land's End. Seriously, love those stores now!


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