Monday, April 15, 2013

Sharing Is Caring...Or Is It?! Plus A Garden Update.

More for my own documentation purposes, here's an early April update on my garden progress.  Bottom seeds are now starts and on their way to becoming big, healthy plants!

I did buy four plants.  Only four!  Those four big herbs in the center: lavender, purple basil, sage and rosemary.  I have lots of green basil starts but didn't buy seeds for purple.  These were all on sale at the depot (Home Depot) a week or two ago for just $2/each.  I also started rosemary seeds (my very favorite herb) but none really germinated. 

I probably should have waited a few more weeks to start my various squash and melon plants.  They are tall and about to creep on out of this large plastic tote.  We still have weeks (like at least a month) before I can plant any of this outside.  Things will surely be out of control by then!

I've never used purple basil.  I just think the color is magnificent though.  Has anyone cooked with it?  Is the flavor the same as green?  I read that green is better for pesto.  Why?  Any insight would be much appreciated.

And last, I leave you with this.  Sharing is caring...or is it?!  I am sharing plants with any and everyone.  This batch went to my sweet friend L.  But I am trying to pawn these babies off on everyone.  My world is just shrinking by the volume of plants I have rotating between sunny spaces in my home.  So while, yes, it was very nice of me to share.  It was also admittedly quite selfish.  I need space!  And there is no way my tiny plot can contain all that I have growing at the moment.

How are your seeds/starts coming along?  Is there anything fun you are attempting to grow for the first time this year?  My first time list includes several new varieties of tomatoes, artichokes, purple and pineapple tomatillos and much more.


Flo said...

Looking good! Still waiting for some signs of growth on the few I planted. Hoping any day now....

REBrown said...

All of our pepper plants died. We think it was the potting mix we repotten them in when they outgrew the tray.

Oh well - we have a TON of tomatoes.


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