Monday, April 22, 2013

Shoe Wings

I wasn't going to post again today but I just sat down and saw that Zulily had cute shoes that reminded me of a friend's son.  So I sent her a link.  While I was on their site, I poked around.  And found these...

shoe wings

Who doesn't need shoe wings?

OK, so I probably don't.  But anyone under the age of 10 definitely does!  I could stare at these all day.  Genius and adorable and super fun, all rolled into one.

red, white and blue

They also have an entire boutique dedicated to polka dots.  Love.  I mean, I don't love as much as shoe wings.  But that's pretty much impossible to top.  Polka dot dresses and shoes are a distant second in comparison.

cute for game days

here's where I admit I don't understand or like bubble necklaces.  sorry. 

pink...polka dots...knit comfie

so sweet with jeans


Ruth said...

those red & blue shoes would be perfect for an Ole Miss game.

Flo said...

I don't get bubble necklaces either. Everytime I watch "Two Broke Girls" I want to yank the one off Caroline's neck.


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