Monday, April 15, 2013

Elizabeth McKay Sale

I have real posts coming soon (like...later today....I promise).  But I just noticed that there is a great Elizabeth McKay sale happening right now on Ruelala.  With some really pretty pieces included!

I love this Tunic and think it will look fabulous with the white Lilly Pulitzer jeans I picked up during the last Lilly sale.  I am really into the fresh, lots of white look lately.  But maybe that's just because I am craving warm weather and sunshine.  Two things we haven't seen since September up here in the North Pole.

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Suburban prep said...

I love Elizabeth McKay.
I have already purchased a skirt. I had a hard time deciding between the big leaf pattern or the houndstooth. I decided upon the houndstooth because I figured I could wear it more places. I wanted basically everything that was in my size but I even had to decide if this purchase was appropriate as I had to justify spending the money.


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