Sunday, April 28, 2013

I'm Finally A Dot Com!

Years ago when I was driving from DC to Upstate NY for Christmas, I needed to get a hand free ear piece for my phone to be able to chat during the long drive.  So on my lunch break, I popped into the cell phone store and asked to buy a new ear piece as the fur baby had chewed the old one.

I showed the salesman my phone and assumed this would be a 30 second transaction.

The salesman said, "Miss, we don't make that phone anymore."

Um...OK...well I just need the ear piece.

"I'm not sure you understand, Miss, we don't make that phone.  You need to upgrade."

Uh huh.  I just need the ear piece.  I also need to hurry up and get back to the office.

"No, Miss, we don't make ANY parts to that phone.  You HAVE to get a new phone."

Whaaat?! So you're telling me you don't make this phone anymore??  (No one ever accused me of being quick!)

After looking up my account..."Miss you qualified for a new phone, for free, like two years ago.  Why didn't you upgrade?

I don't like change.  It seems like a lot of effort.

So it should come as no surprise that I am one of the very last bloggers to convert from a .blogspot address to a full on .com address.  But the time came for me to just make the change.  And with the help of the absolute most amazing customer service representative ever ever ever at GoDaddy (I seriously cannot say enough about this guy...hands down the most helpful person I have EVER spoken to...I hope he gets a raise!), I am now all big and official (OK so I am neither big nor official at anything) with a grown up blog domain.  Go me!

After all was said and done, they gave me a discount code WOW79774 and it should give you 35% off a purchase through April 30th, and 20% after that.  Y'all know how much I pink puffy heart a discount!  More than that though, I really just wanted to say it was very easy (with the help of the awesome awesome customer service guy in Arizona when I couldn't figure something out and then he went above and beyond to help me with other things too) and I wish I had done it earlier.  So if you've been thinking about buying your domain, DO IT.  It's inexpensive (even less with the discount code above) and take just a few moments of your time.

And did I mention the great customer service?  It's just so rare that anyone every has a good experience with something like that so I have to brag!

Oh and from here on out...I am officially located at!  Hot diggity dog!

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Dawn said...

Wow! Congrats!


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