Tuesday, April 16, 2013

My Heart Breaks For Boston

I am not too proud to admit I cried twice yesterday while watching news about the horrors of the Boston Marathon.  I also spent a lot of quiet time just praying for those injured and the families of those killed and for everyone else who was impacted in some way.  Even those who were there but saw nothing...that still likely shook them to the core.

The sad but true realization for me came when I heard a report that because of the 911 attacks, Boston now has a great system in place for such emergencies.  And that played out like clock-work yesterday.  I found that so powerful in ways that were both negative and positive alike.

I will never understand the motivation for such an evil accomplishment.


Flo said...

Does make you wonder what is wrong with people, I will be curious to hear what was actually behind it. I know someone who runs in the marathon every year and immediately thought of him, he fortunately had already finished.

MCW said...

I went for a run this morning and cried as I thought about everyone. So awful.

WorthyStyle said...

I agree, it is such a tragic thing. Really unspeakably sad.


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