Saturday, April 6, 2013

Awesome Deal On Camisoles Today

I wear camisoles nearly every day.  I am, as they say down south, blessed in the chest.  Ahem!  So a cami is a must even under dresses as to not give the world a peep show.  I wear them in the winter under sweaters or under cardigans and to sleep in under a sweatshirt. 

Seriously...I'm not lying when I tell you that very few days pass without me wearing at least one camisole either during the day or at night.

But I am picky. 

I have no earthly idea why those shelf bras are at all popular, but oh Lord have mercy...their popularity has not diminished in the last decade.  If you are not 13 or completely flat, you should not pretend a shelf anything can replace a real bra.  My other pet peeve is length.  I want coverage.  No belly displays from me.  And no offense, but no matter how flat your belly is, I don't really want to see a belly display from you either.

Anyway, I am on a tangent.  Sorry.

I spotted this deal a few minutes ago on Facebook and thought I'd share just in case anyone else is searching for some new camis right now.  I've never purchased from No More Rack but the deal is for 12 camisoles for a total of just $30.  I am taking the plunge and ordering because that's an awesome price.  Even if I just end up wearing them to bed or in the winter, it will still be worth it. 

Let me know if you order the set too and we can compare notes!

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Buford Betty said...

Oh I love me a shelf bra! But I agree - they don't cut it for bigger chests. I couldn't wear them when I was breastfeeding with my porn star boobs. Cami fan here too.


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