Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Let Me Bullet Point It For You

* I ran into a door...or rather the side of a door...yesterday with my right arm.  And it feels like someone punched me.  Hard.  Who does stuff like this?  Me, it seems.  Ouch.  Watch out for doors...the bite!

* Everything is blooming.  I love it.  My allergies, however, are agreeing to disagree.  Achoo.

* As much as I am craving spring, and better yet, summer, for Sadie's sake I dread it.  She just doesn't move and feel well when its hot outside.

dog stroller

* But don't worry, I lost track of my pride a long time ago.  When it finally gets hot here, I promise to continue my town spectacle of using the dog stroller
.  The things we do for love!

* I need a haircut something fierce!  I let it get loooong because everyone was complimenting it.  And then I learned the joys of the pony tail.  But now it is age way inappropriate and looks tacky.  The compliments have ceased.  Chop, chop!

* Tomorrow night on Duck Dynasty we get to see Si in bathing suit.  The big question...will it and his Hawaiian shirt be camo?  The bigger question...is the network going to turn this show into Kate Plus Eight where they just travel and have very planned, campy, story-driven conversations?  Gosh I hope not.  Quack!

* I just booked a trip that is part business/part pleasure that thrills me to no end.  Though by business, I mean JL.  Is anyone else going to the National Conference next month?  I'd love to meet up if you are!  The highlight of the trip though will be seeing some of my best girlfriends, Little E and B (that stands for Bench).  And maybe a few more.  And their babies.  So so exciting!

* Sometimes I amaze myself with how many things I can pin when I am on hold.  Talk about a useless skill- ha!

* I can't wait for a show that just debuted to be cancelled because I am already sick of seeing the commercials.  What Would The Dumbest Gator Swimmer Do?  Who.  Cares.  I predict it's only a matter of days before he's also on "Celebrity" Rehab and dating Lindsay Lohan.


* And finally...Reese Witherspoon was arrested!  No one saw that coming.  As much as I adore her, I am rather shocked that this wasn't a bigger news story.  Good girl gone wrong is at the very center of an American news story.  If it had been anyone else, they would be interviewing the second cousin twice removed of the arresting officer and Reese's 3rd grade classmate for a quote.  But instead, it got a quick blurb.  I mean, good for her I guess.  But it seems odd.  A friend wrote on Facebook "America's sweetheart or just plain ole American?"  I still love her and am not debating her sweetness or great style.  But I found it interesting that news media didn't jump all over this in a more dramatic, end of the world, tacky fashion.


Elizabeth said...

We were just talking about how Duck Dynasty seems to be getting more staged...

I am surprised the media didn't go crazy with this Reese Witherspoon story too! I had to go search for details to what happened after I saw a vague tweet on Sunday night. Good for her, but still odd.

MCW said...

I find it very amusing that she was arrested. God forbid she isn't a perfect little southern girl!!!!

And the dog stroller is killing me! Ha



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