Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Do You Use Swagbucks?

Best source for coupons!

I have been using Swagbucks for a few years and I just can't say enough about it.  I think I've mentioned it in passing on here but thought I should do a more detailed blog post.

First things first....let me answer "what is Swagbucks?"

1.  Swagbucks is a search engine.  Like google.  But every few searches, you earn points.  Google offers no points.  Even if I want to go to google, I go there via Swagbucks in hopes of earning a few more points.  You simply download the toolbar (it's very tiny at the top of your screen) that includes a search box.  So there is no need to go to separate websites each time you want to run a search.

2. Swagbucks is a coupon resource.  But as an added bonus, when you redeem those coupons, you earn points for each one.  I go here first to search for coupons because of the points on the back end.

3.  Swagbucks offers daily poles and games and videos.  To be honest, I don't plays games and such.  But they are there.  And you guessed earn points.  I believe this is how many people earn the bulk of their points.  But I am just not a game person.

Now what do you do with your Swagbucks points?

1. Redeem them for gift cards.  It takes 450 points to earn a $5 Amazon gift card.  It then takes about a week for the gift card code to show up in your inbox.  I bought several Christmas gifts this year with Amazon gift cards from Swagbucks.  Completely free to me!

The gift cards do not expire and you can use as many as you want during checkout.  I mention the $5 card because for the points needed, it is the best deal.  The next best deal is the $50 Amazon gift card.  You can get up to five of each kind of prize each month.  Swagbucks points keep rolling over until you redeem them.

2.  Redeem them for lots of other great prizes such as Walmart gift cards, Starbucks gift cards, Gap gift cards, Paypal gift cards or non gift card items like a kitchen gadgets, tools, clothes and more.  Again, honesty flag, I am ONLY in it for the gift cards.  Mostly Amazon.  But that's just me.  They have lots of options.


* After you sign up, add the toolbar to all of your computers and encourage everyone in your house to do their searches there instead of google or another site.  You won't earn points for every search.  I'd guess every 3-5 searches though earns points.  The more searching, the more points.  The more points, the more free shopping for you!

* Refer your friends.  You can earn points that way too.  Up to 1000 points can be earned from each referral.

* Check Swagbucks first for coupons.  Heck, use coupons if you aren't already.  But that's a totally different topic.  (this is my second best source of points)

* Play around on the site- there are lots of ways to earn.  They have bonus points hidden in blog posts and games quite often if that's your thing.  They offer a poll daily that earns you one point.  I do this just about every day, mostly because it amuses me.  Plus I like knowing my points went up, even if just by one.

* Use the toolbar for every search you ever do!  It becomes a habit and the point really do add up quickly.   It's is just so fun to get a gift card that was truly free to you!  (this is how I earn the bulk of my points)


Jessica said...

I use ebates for online shopping, but I don't think I've ever used swagbucks...thank you for mentioning again!

Suburban prep said...

I use Swagbucks daily. I try and search things and get points that way. I do not do the tool bar a nd a few other things because this is not my computer. I will try and obtain more buck in ways that I can. I have usually traded the points in for Starbucks cards and I give these out as gifts.


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