Tuesday, February 5, 2013

You Should Be Listening To: 2/3 Goat

We all think we have the best musical taste, don't we?  I mean, I totally do.  But I am aware that everyone else is deluded to think they do too.  Whatever.  I don't mind letting others think they are as awesome as me.

I kid.

Sort of.

But seriously, I just stumbled upon this great band.  With an great band name.  A band name is like packaging.  It can really make or break the product, even though it's just fluff.  Further proof of my theory that the world is just one big marketing campaign.


But 2/3 Goat is a total winner.

Is it a band?  Is it a large, rustic meal?  Is it a science experiment gone wrong?  Who knows.  But it's easy to remember and fun to say.


And I think you will likely agree that their musical talents are outstanding.  A little bit country, a little bluesy, a little folk and a whole heck of a lot fantastic.

For your listening pleasure, may I please introduce, 2/3 Goat!


BroncoMom said...

Good Morning!!
Clicked over to the 2/3 Goat site and was delighted to hear the style music they played.
Thank you for sharing your great music taste and introducing a fun band.

Lori said...

LIKE!! Thanks for the heads-up!


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