Friday, February 15, 2013

What's Your Dream Job?

I am knee deep in a full on search for a new direction in life.  I need a new career.  And if I could find one that would still let me work from home, it would be a miracle.  I don't like office politics.  But I know that's a long shot.  Feel free to offer up suggestions. 

For fun though, let's share. 

If salary and holidays weren't an issue, what would your dream job be?


AEOT said...

I am a pediatric nurse practitioner currently. If I had to pick another job (b/c I do adore mine), I always wanted to be the co-host of the Today Show (easy, right?) or a CIA operative (again, totally doable!?!?). Now, though, I would love to bake for a small bakery or be a home chef. I would be really good at that job. Or be Rachael Ray- people may think she is annoying, but I am very similar to her and I love that she cooks practical food for real people. I love, love, love my kitchen and would love to be able to utilize my ability in there more. Luckily my coworkers and husband are willing guinea pigs :)

REBrown said...

I would love to work part time at a library! That being said I'm working full time now (but at home). I work in the healthcare market research field as a project manager and the vast majority of those jobs are home based. It's really the way to go if you don't mind being by yourself (or just with your dogs) all day everyday. You also end up working more because you are always "on".

Lori said...

Now's your chance to be that gal that gets the audience pumped before live shows!!:)
But then you'd have to commute into the city and that would not be fun.


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