Saturday, February 9, 2013

Elaborate Packaging

I don't request as many freebies as I did two years ago when I first began couponing.  But when I think I will either use the freebie myself or can easily donate it (ie: diapers), I will submit a request when I see offers.

But for me, half the fun is seeing how much money these companies will spend on product packaging and advertising (because a freebie is nothing more than an ad campaign).  There have been some super elaborate packages that have appeared in my mailbox over the years.  Always amusing.

Last week, these two arrived.  A mini bottle (8 loads) of Method Laundry Detergent.  Just for the cute factor alone, I love it!  And a box for Sadie from Purina.

Want to know what's in that big box?  High gloss graphics and a clever pull tab.  Let's see what's behind door number two!

A high value coupon and what looks like three small cans of dog food.  But wait...

It's not three cans in there.  Only the middle can is real.  The top and bottom are just paper.  Clever.

All of that packaging for one teeny tiny can of dog food.  I mean, Sadie's happy.  She loves a little wet foot at the bottom of her dry food.  But how much do you think they spent to package and send this to me?  More than the can of food, that's for sure!

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REBrown said...

I got sent one of those too! A part of me loves the packaging because it's so fun and cute, but another part of me hates how wasteful it is.


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