Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Another Successful Food Swap

Sunday was so much fun!  Not only did I go to another From Scratch Club food swap, but I dragged my cute Cousin along too.  We both had a ball, met nice women, ran into friends, tasted some incredible nibbles, and left with a bag full of fun treats!

So as Cousin lives on a farm and has 10 chickens, I encouraged her to bring eggs and that was the perfect swap.  Everyone wanted her farm fresh chicken eggs and she got all of the best swaps.  Including the Armenian Eetch.  Yeah, we didn't know what it was either.  And it's not GF.  But OMG is it delicious!!  I will post a recipe when I get around to making it next week or so.

My PB, extracts and Cousin's eggs.

I brought...

(1) Set of Vanilla + Cinnamon Extracts
(1) Set of Vanilla + Clove Extracts
(1) Set of Vanilla + Nutmeg Extracts
(5) 8oz containers of homemade Maple Brown Sugar Vanilla Bean Peanut Butter (recipe coming soon- it's crazy easy- and pretty much exactly like the almond butter recipe)

I came home with...

* Pistachio Butter
* Tomato Jam
* 2 small jars Spiced Apple Jelly (but I gave one to Cousin because sharing is caring, y'all)
* Almond Joy Butter
* Spice Kahlua
* Caramel butter (came with Kahlua trade)
* Water Kefir Grains (I will post next week on how my first kefir turns out)
* Stir Fry Sauce
* Romesco Sauce

Seriously...I did AWESOME!!  I mean just look at that fun list that came home with me.  I've been eating the pistachio butter and my fancy pants peanut butter on a banana for breakfast all week.  Delish!  I had some of the spiced apple jelly on toast but will use the rest soon on pork.  It's awesome with the spices!  I have my first batch of water kefir doing its thing in the kitchen.  I didn't even know what kefir was until Betsy, the swapper who made it, explained it to me.  Here is her explanation because there is no way I could do a better job trying to tell you what it is or how to make it.  The stir fry sauce was genius.  Cousin and I were flipping over it- so good.  I will post the recipe shortly as she shared it at the swap.  And the rest will get nibbled over the next week, fear not.  The tomato jam is like homemade ketchup and so tasty.

Things I wanted but didn't get but will either try to snag next time or just make on my own...

* Mustards.  There were several really delicious mustards being swapped and Cousin and I were in taste bud heaven.  But one of the gals who runs the swaps told us that they are really easy and fun to make.  So that is on the agenda for us soon.  I LOVE a good, grainy, spicy mustard.

* Spiced Ketchup.  Cousin was lucky enough to snag a jar!  It had cinnamon in it and was just sooo delicious!  Hopefully I will be lucky enough to have a summer overflowing with tomatoes to make things like ketchup and tomato jam, in addition to my favorite salsas.

* Armenian Eetch.  As I said above, it was very unique and yummy.  The gal who made it served it on lettuce, like a little wrap.  Cousin went home with this too!

* Beet Hummus.  Not only was in so delish, but it was a stunning shade of deep beet red.

* Homemade Butter.  She actually wanted to trade with me for an extract set, but I had already given it away.  Next time!

I love how creative everyone gets at these swaps.  The item that is the strangest and most unusual is by far the most popular each month.  Everyone just wants to try new flavor experiences.  And everyone really seems to care about quality ingredients.  It's just such a fun and tasty way to spend an afternoon.  Cousin was hooked and said she's excited to join me next month too!

OK so I have been posting about food swaps for months now.  Specifically since last summer.  Has anyone else been brave enough to find one in your area and try it out?  I sure hope so- they are a ball!


Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

Cool - I like the idea of a food swap! Fun!!!

Flo said...

What a fun idea!


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