Monday, February 4, 2013

The Bus To Anderson

So a few months ago I randomly asked my dear ole Daddy-o if he wanted to have a fun day in NYC with me.  There was a deal on bus tickets- they were free actually.  However, by the time I got around to looking for tickets, none of the free ones were left.  I totally had it in my head though that we were going and taking the bus (a first for me- can you believe I've never taken a bus?) and bus tickets from here in the North Pole to NYC are el cheapo anyway so off we went.

But I never did any planning for this trip.  I planned on planning.  It felt so far away for all those weeks.  And then was 48 hours away and I had yet to plan a stitch.

Story of my life, y'all!

I hopped online and searched high and low.  The only down side to bus tickets is that they leave the city too early to catch a show.  But when I bought them, I knew this and wasn't concerned.  NYC has 4 gazillion things to do.  And of course I couldn't decide on even one thing to do at the 40 hour mark.  Ha.

Then I thought about going to be an audience member in a show.  I've always wanted to do that.  And later found out that dad has too.  Gah...why did I not think of this two months ago?!

I applied anyway with Anderson Live and a few others, just on a whim.  Thinking it wouldn't happen as this all went down Sunday evening in hopes of seeing something on Tuesday.

But I was surprised and delighted to get an email mid day on Monday saying we got the tickets!  Eeek!  The email also included a note about magical Tweet Seats where you could tweet during the show.  So the plan was in place as our bus was due to arrive exactly 30 minutes before we had to be at the studio.  A 10 minute cab ride and a quick stop at Starbucks would put us there exactly on time. 

But this is me we are talking about.  Girl who never successfully executes a plan.  Ever.

The bus ride was going great.  We had good seats.  Bus was not super crowded so we had an extra set to toss our coats on too.  Our driver was a little slow- cars, buses, huge trucks and babies were passing us.  But we were still on our way.  I was elated.

And then we were slowing down.  Pulling over.  And stopped.  On the side of a highway.  Half way between Albany and NYC.  Just sitting there.

Our driver communicated NOTHING with us.  He just got out of the bus, walked around a bit and stood there.  For like five minutes. 

Then you could see him on the phone.

Someone popped out to ask what was wrong and he got out that we had a flat tire.  This is a Mega Bus.  For those not in the know, they are giant two story buses that run all up and down the northeast.  So it's not like a normal size tire operation.  And our confused driver, who clearly had no earthly idea what to do and also spoke almost zero English, was not really helping matters.  He just kept walking in circles around the bus.  Then would come back inside and sit down.  Over and over again.  Saying NOTHING.

I was beyond irritated.  Not at the bus being broken.  I mean, I was crushed that I would miss Anderson but that's not the bus driver's fault.  But his lack of communication was unnerving.  I made my father go ask what the heck the plan was.  I assumed they would send a new bus and maybe take us home?

Dad asked and came back with "they are sending someone."  I asked dad what that meant and he explained that the driver didn't speak enough English to move further into specifics.  Great.

Then about a half hour later, a bus shows us.  Stops in front of us, everyone piles off my bus and into that new bus.  And still, my bus driver has explained NOTHING.  We just figured this all out on our own.  Not that it was hard.  New bus.  Duh.

New bus came from Canada.  I can't imagine what time that bus boarded.  I mean, I had to be at the train station to board my bus @7.  Eeeks!

So I am now reminded that I have email contacts.  On a whim, I email the person who gave me the seating confirmation from Anderson to ask if I could arrive a bit (half hour ish) late and still get a seat?  And lo and behold, that girl replied back an immediate yes and gave me instructions if the assigned gate was already closed. 

We were back in business.  Bus business that is!

We arrived about 45 later than planned but made it to Anderson and weren't even the very last people in the door.  There were a few stragglers after us.  Why that gave me joy, I can't explain.  It just did.

So I didn't get a TweetSeat.  Bummer.  But honestly I was just so joyful that we made it at all that I didn't care one bit.  Our seats, in the very back row, were excellent.  I could see everything.

Now my show aired today (I forgot to watch so hope to try to catch it online...or not....I'll explain) and my neighbor reported she saw us.  Fun.  But I can now tell you about the guests.

While the show experience was beyond fun and something I totally want to do again, the guests were not great.  At all.

But this is too long already.  So I'll tell you that part tomorrow...


MCW said...

Buses seem like a good idea until you are on one and then they break down. Has happened to me a ton lately. I have sworn off buses! Glad you made the sow!

#unmatched said...

oh goodness, what a harrowing road trip! glad you finally made it!

Anonymous said...

I love Anderson. Another foster family contacted his staff in regards to him looking into the horrible things the department was doing and hey seemed interested asking for more information. We're hopeful! Never rode any bus but the school bus and I have never been to NYC. Sounds like a blast!

Lori said...

I wanna hear, I wanna hear!!

"We just figured this all out on our own. Not that it was hard. New bus. Duh."



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