Thursday, February 14, 2013

I Finally Figured Out Lent

So I didn't figure this out until around midnight last night.  Clearly missing the entire first day of Lent.  But I am pretty sure God doesn't care.  So it's all peachy.

For Lent, I am giving nothing up.  I thought about giving up caffeine, something I have done before with success.  But I know that the next month is going to bring a LOT of stress.  And I know myself enough to realize I will pick a Diet Coke more often than not.  It's something I will work on this summer.

So this year, I am going to add something into my life.  I am going to exercise.  For a minimum of 15 minutes.  Every day.  And my 30 minute dog walks do not count.

I know that sounds like nothing to most of y'all.  But for me, that's a big step.  I hate exercise.  Loathe it.  So I am going to make an effort to be consistent, more than anything else, during the next 39 days.  And hopefully, those minutes spent moving my body will remind me to talk to God more.  In fact, I'm fairly certain we will chat it up the entire time.

Wish me luck.  Now that I see it in writing, I'm thinking the Diet Coke challenge might be easier.


Barb said...

This is SUCH a great thing to do for yourself! I gave up hitting the snooze button, which hopefully will give me time to work out each day too.
And even though I totally cannot picture you sweating it out, here's the workouts I've been doing. The girl is super sweet, she shows modifications for every move (for beginners!) and all the workouts are less than 20 min.

<3 barb

amy said...

You can do it! I too loathe exercise but I committed to it last year. Just over a year later and I'm signiicantly smaller and virtually headache-free (a chronic migraine recipient priot.) You will not be disappointed by this challenge - good luck!

WorthyStyle said...

What a great idea. I love that you are adding something healthy instead of giving something up. Sometimes that is the best thing to do for yourself!

Eat. Live. Laugh. and sometimes shop! said...

I think that is a great step! I don't believe you have to give up something for lent. The point is to realize your reliance on God. You will be doing that every day when you force yourself to exercise!! Good luck!!!

3 Peanuts said...

That is great. I am juicing daily for my health. And doing a few other things as well.

Tammy B said...

That's a great idea! I'm using giving up something for Lent to correct an OCD habit that I have developed. When I wash my hands, I wash them twice. I'm giving up the second wash, unless I have handled raw meat, bleach or something that is hard to wash off.

REBrown said...

Try out netflix for work out dvds (they have the 10 Minute Solutions ones and they are great). I always put a couple of workouts in a row and then a real movie. This way I'm motivated to do the workouts to get the reward of getting a movie that I want to watch.


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