Saturday, February 23, 2013

Well The Birthday Didn't Quite Go As Planned. Or How I Failed At Random Acts Of Kindness.

Six months ago I decided to flip my birthday blues frown upside down by doing 35 (one for each year of my life) Random Acts Of Kindness on the day of my birth.  I planned and planned and took a lot of time to figure this all out.  I left room for truly random acts but was prepared with more than 35 should I need them.  Many were planned to be free to me, as I think that's sort of the beauty in it all- not spending a lot to spread a little joy in the world.

Um, yeah.  That was all well and good on paper.  Paper, people.  But in reality...things did not go as planned.

First, I got a much later start than I planned on.  My first stop was at the post office and I was there for almost an hour because every single person in the long line in front of me had a super special needs situation that required three years worth of personal hand-holding.  Had not planned on that either.  Then I had a devil of a time trying to convince people I had no agenda other than being nice.

So the bottom line is that I have not finished my goal.  This is all taking a LOT more time than I ever expected. 

I still can't believe how hard it was to be nice without a hidden agenda.  Like, it was really hard!  Who knew?!

My full post will come some time next week I guess.  I really want to finish this list. 

Come hell or high water, I will spread kindness, dammit!

Oh and thank you big buckets for the sweet birthday wishes here, on Facebook and on Twitter.  Totally made my day brighter!!



Casey said...

The only Random-Acts-of-Kindness receipiants who are truely appreciative are the ones who have a shred of kindness in them to begin with. Better luck next time.

Beth Dunn said...

That is very funny. I'm sure you are frustrated but it actually strikes me as ironic! Happy belated


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