Friday, October 12, 2012

Tomato Powder

I've done several posts on my love of canning.  And I've definitely told y'all that I LOVE to can my own salsa.  It is just the best treat to eat my own tomatoes year-round. 

But this year, I went one step further with my waste not, want not mentality.

I don't know where I first saw tomato powder to be honest.  It was a while ago.  But lately I've seen it pop up on blogs more and more.

I thank blame Pinterest

So this fall when I made two big batches of salsa, I reserved the biggest pieces of tomato skin in a separate bowl.  After I got all the salsa in jars and in the pot and then cleaned up the kitchen, I set out to make tomato powder without using a food dehydrator.

Do you see the little bowl of reserved skins to the left?

It was so simple.

Just lay out the tomato skins in a single layer on a wire cooling rack, placed on top of a cookie sheet.  Pop the cookie sheet in your oven on the lowest temperature setting.  It will be in the 170-190 range. 

And then just go about your life for about four hours.

They are done when they are no longer soft and pliable.  They will be crisp but not burnt.  You basically want to dry all of the moisture out of them.

Once completely dry and cool, toss all of the crispy skins into a food processor or blender.  And let it run until you have a powder.

Store in a zip top baggie or canning jar.  Add to anything that has a tomato base such as stews, soups, pasta, pizza sauce and chili.

Tomato powder, just like all other dehydrated foods, has an intense flavor.  In this case, intense tomato flavor of course.  It is just a really great (and free!) seasoning to have on hand to kick up the flavors in any dish.

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