Saturday, October 20, 2012

Kohlrabi Soup. Or The Recipe I Won't Make Again.

I grew a few kohlrabi this year.  Even though I'd never even seen one before.  And finally picked one (no easy feat...those puppies are tough) and decided to make a soup from it, including the more tender leaves.

I just made up the recipe.

First mistake.

Let me say that again. 

I made up a recipe for a vegetable that I have never before tasted or even seen but managed to grow in my garden.

So it didn't taste bad.  At all.  But it didn't taste great.  At all.

I needed to do a better job of peeling the root.  And saute it longer before adding liquid. 

So just to keep things honest, I thought this was important to post.  I get so many sweet compliments on my recipes.  Which in and of itself amazes me as I am a very basic cook.  I cook simple things but try to do them well.  And in a crockpot if possible- ha. 

But it's only fair that you know I have flops in my kitchen too.  Win some and lose some.

I mean, I ate the soup.  But tossed the leftovers after a day when I admitted I wouldn't indulge in round two of my experiment gone not quite right.

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Ruth said...

You get compliments because you pick the simple tasty recipes. And I love you were honest about it


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