Friday, October 26, 2012

Tons Of Tomatoes

I had to bring in the last of my tomatoes the other day.  Most are green and not huge, but that's OK.  They will ripen just fine in sunny windows.  And if I can manage to get them all ripe at the same time, I will can another batch of salsa.  Otherwise, I will just eat lots of tomatoes for the next month or more. 

Notice the celery.  A Pinterest special.  I had to try.  This is after just two weeks.  And of course I now call myself a celery farmer.

There certainly could be worse problems, right?

I know they aren't beautiful.  They are organic and it's the end of the season.  But the thing about growing your own anything, especially tomatoes, is that it actually has flavor.  So while those grocery store t'maters are purdy, these taste like tomatoes.  Sweet and juicy and delicious.

Just like human's what's on the inside that counts!

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