Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Pinterest Potato Failure

Several years ago, I read that you could grow up to 100 lbs of potatoes in a trash can.  That the potatoes would layer up as you added more dirt. 

Then enter Pinterest.

And it was ALL the rage this year on Pinterest. 

So I finally decided that after three years of thinking about this project, I was all in. 

I spent my summer tending to two trash cans worth of potato plants.  I spent a mint on dirt, knowing my biggest problem come fall would be how to eat, store and share my bounty.

But that's the thing about the internet.  And especially Pinterest.  While it contains lots of truth and good and reality, it also contains oodles of smoke and mirrors. 

Do you click on all the links you pin first?  You should.  Because half of them are fake or stolen.  Ever wonder why your cookies don't look anything like the Pinterest version?  It might be because the photo you pinned was taken from another source.

What's my point?

Don't believe everything you see and read!

This is how much I managed to produce in two trash cans over the summer.  Not 200 lbs, that's for dang sure!

But don't forget to subtract the weight of the pot the potatoes are in.

This is what I have.  Which is fun.  But about 193 lbs short of the Pinterest promise.

I've come to learn that lots of bloggers tried this with similar success rates.  Sad.  I'm potato-less and sad.  Ha.

Speaking of haha laughter...

Want to laugh your ass off (I seriously crack myself up...don't will only encourage me)?!  I am not a fan of potty humor but this was a home-grown gem too hilarious not to share. 

This is ONE potato.  I didn't put 'taters together.  Nope.  God grew that puppy.  My very own, home-grown, dirty vegetable humor, penis potato! 


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh...that last potato...hahaha

REBrown said...

Oh my!

Katy said...

That is hilarious!

It definitely made me grateful I have a door on my office. :-)

WorthyStyle said...

That potato is hysterical!! Also, this whole post made my day - too sad/funny. I am sorry you spent so much money on supplies for it to not be yielding so many items, but what a neat project to try anyway, right?


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