Sunday, October 21, 2012

Prayer Share

Today is the day.  And I really hope y'all feel comfortable participating.  I would love love love it if you would leave a comment with a prayer request.  Everyone is welcome- no blog is required. 

Is there something weighing you down?  Job?  Family?  Friends?  Finances?  Dreams?  Illness?  Heartache?  Unrest?  Confusion?  This is the post to share.  We all have something.  There is no prayer too big or too small.  And if you need prayer but are too shy to give specifics, it's OK to just ask for general prayers for personal matters.  God will know. 

As for my requests.  I have two. 

The first is for wisdom to make the right decision.  I work with a group that I love with all my heart but it has added more stress and unrest to my life than one could imagine possible from a volunteer gig.  And this is not recent- it's the better part of my tenure.  I don't want to abandon ship.  But I am having to make a lot of personal sacrifices to keep this up.  It's not healthy for me.  But I don't want to leave on a low low spot either.  I am just so confused and need some sort of clarity and peace on the matter.

The second is for my future.  I never imagined I would be this old and unmarried.  I thought I would share a life with a partner and adopt a few children and grow green beans in the garden.  I thought this phase of life would include field trips and PTA and ballet recitals.  I thought by now I would have a hand to hold for life.  If that's not the life I get to have, I pray daily that God lifts the desire from my heart.  I just ache to have that life.  The family.  So I ask for prayers that I either stop having the dream or that the dream becomes a reality.  This limbo is crushing.  Literally.

So please let me lift you up in prayers today.  Tell me what is on your heart.  Or tell me about someone you know is in need.  And please share in praying for each other.

I promise tomorrow we will be back to our normal chatter around here. 


Tammy B said...

My request is about my job. I was recently displaced and immediately landed a great job at another company. For some reason, I don't feel like things are working out. I am very uncomfortable there. My former bosses started a new bank two years ago and have just recently started growing. I pray that there is a place for me at the new bank. I'll feel more comfortable around those people. If it is not meant for me to work with them again, I pray that things will work out where I am now.

All of the Bitter, None of the Betty said...

My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for 6 years. We need all the prayers we can get, it's painful and frustrating.

I love this idea for a blog. I read your blog regularly and this is my first hello btw. So, thanks and keep up the good blog work.

Suburban prep said...

I have a few.
The first is my mother and her health. Please pray for a recovery. She has had two 14 hour heart surgeries since February. Then on Tuesday she had a bloody nose that would not stop. She had to be taken to the ER and they did emergency surgery to stop the bleeding but only able to do one side. The other side has been stopped to a degree by other measures. IN August she was inserted with a pacemaker too. She is still in the hospital and she has headaches and is severely depressed and anxiety ridden.

Last Fall my father had a stroke. He has recovered to a degree but he has been to the hospital every day that my mother has been in the hosptial. He is trying to be there fore her and still do things for himself.

I was diagnosed with anxiety myself last year. I am trying to help my parents and trying to keep the anxiety to a lesser degree which is hard because these health issues with my parents have been extremely serious. I have DVT and I maintain that through diet now.

I also have a 16 month old niece who was born with hypoplastic left heart syndrome (essentially half a heart). To look at her you would not know that she needs to be tube fed through her stomach. She has a firecracker personality. Please pray that eventually a recovery will happen for her.

I have a sister who has been maintaining a cancer free from stage 4 Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma for about 11 yrs now. Please pray that she will continue this way.

Thank you so much for such a chance to express the prayers that are needed in each person's life.

3 Peanuts said...

KK, I will certainly pray for you. I am sure the limbo is very tough.

You know my prayer intentions for Harry but I also found out yesterday that a very good friend of mine was diagnosed with Stage 4 invasive breast cancer. We are gathering in my home tomorrow to pray the rosary for her but I appreciate ay extra prayer too. Her name is Norma.

Thx Kim

Ruth said...

KK, I will pray you come up with a the right decision.

Mine is for happiness again in my work. And to find someone to spend my life with.

#unmatched said...

Oh how I you feel you on your 2nd prayer request- i never thought I'd be this age(mid 30s ) and unmarried either. I often(nearly daily) wonder where I got off track. Its more sweet to share adventures with another!

My prayer request is for my work-I lost my job in early summer and am still looking for a new one. There is an opportunity in my current town that I really,really, really want to work out!

thinking positive thoughts and clarity for you!

Unknown said...

I don't have a blog but am happy to join in the prayers of other amazing women! KK, I will pray for both of your intentions, and I'm also here to vent/talk/etc. if you need to, just call.

I would ask for people's prayers for patience and trust in God's plan. My husband and I are in the midst of our second adoption process, and are now just waiting to match with an expectant mother. I'm finding the waiting to be difficult and want to learn in this time to trust God more, and to have peace that His perfect plan will be done in His time...not ours. Thanks everyone!

Anonymous said...

Praying for peace even more than a year after losing my baby boy. And praying for a speedy adoption.

I will pray for you too.

Tammy B said...

I have a second prayer request. My sister and brother-in-law are involved in the foster care program. For the past few months they have been foster childless. They had a little boy, Devon, in their home from the time he was 8 months old until he was 2 1/2. He is now 3 years old. He was transitioned back to his biological mother. She brings him over to my sister's house every two weeks for a visit or whenever she needs a break. My sister had him almost potty trained, but when they get him for the weekends, he has one accident after another. They get him almost trained and under control and then he goes home to his bio-mom. We think he sits and watches TV while she sleeps in until noon. He does not go to daycare or any type of pre-school. Our family really loves him. Today, we found out that he may be going back into foster care. He is such a sweet little boy and he needs a loving structured household in which to live. Please pray that Devon's situation works out so that he can have a chance at a normal life with loving parents. I hope he can stay with my sister and her family. They love him and he loves them.

Cayce said...

You don't know me but I'm a regular reader and fan. I think I found your blog a few years ago because of baby gifts that were cute, so I added you to my reader. Sine then, I could care less about he cute crafts you make or the recipes you share, and I mean that in a great way! You are a person I care about. You are not alone. You are unique and important and loved. We have never met, but I know if we had I would never want to lose someone as thoughtful and cool as you as a friend. You probably think i am a stalker psyho now, but I'm not. I'm just a 30 year old mom of two who tries to be honest and say the good things out loud that I think. When I read your prayer requests I really heard your pain for the first time. Honey, I will pray for you. Brava for having he courage to ask for support. Hugs from Carolina...

AEOT said...

I will say a prayer for ALL of the people tonight. KK- I totally feel for you. I would feel the same way in your situation. I pray for MCW (Saving the Best for Last) often as she is in a similar situation, and I will add you into my prayers as well.

I would love prayers for Peter's health. He is having quite a few kidney issues and things are getting worse instead of better. We have another apt in a week and then I'll update the blog with more details. Thanks!


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