Thursday, October 25, 2012

Most Ridiculous TV Show

So there is a new show on the most ridiculous channel on TV.  TLC of course!  The weird of the weird finds its way to TLC. 

And in true form, they have found a new form of weird to feature. 

Extreme Cheapskates.

I love a saving money and a good deal as much as the next girl.  And thought that this show might be fun with people shopping with coupons and sales and turning out lights when they leave the room and such.

Oh no.  This show is just flat out gross!

Dumpster diving for food.  Sleeping on a found yoga mat instead of a bed.  Not flushing the toilet.  Not using toilet paper.  More dumpster diving for food.  Broken furniture.  Lack of furniture.  Paying with pennies.  Washing clothes in the shower instead of washing machine.

All in the name of saving a buck.

And that folks is where I draw the line. 

We do not live in a third world country.  Toilets are meant to be flushed. 

While I agree that stores likely throw out a fair amount of edible food, it is also likely mixed in with super non edible food in a trash bag.  That has been sitting on a hot street corner or back storage room floor or hot dumpster for who knows how long. 

I love a DIY project as much as the next blogger.  And have no qualms bringing home a piece of furniture that someone discarded if I can realistically use it.  In fact, I have a very nice antique table as a TV stand that I found recently when a neighbor moved.  But it's only a project if you intend to fix the furniture.  Leaving it broken and hoping the chair doesn't fall apart just seems this side of dangerous.  And dumb.  And weird.

Again, we do not live in a third world country.  Clothes do not need to be washed in a river.  Washing machines are reasonable and laundry detergent can be purchased cheap if you find a sale or use coupons.  That's just bad hygiene to not have truly clean clothes.  My favorite was Kate who said, as she is washing a shirt that has more holes than a slice of cheese and is now an unknown color because it is 13 years old, that washing by hand in the shower makes the clothes look nicer than a washing machine that can ruin clothing.  Honey, I think you have a few screws loose!

So in conclusion, this show isn't even the same kind of Honey Boo Boo gross- where it's so bad that it becomes good and you can't look away.  This show is just gross gross where you must look away immediately.

Cheapskates is as misleading as Dancing with the so called "Stars."  It should be called Extremely Gross and Unhygienic People On Display by TLC.


Ruth said...

If people would quit watching such crap they would stop putting it on the air. The commercials gross me out to much to even come close to watching the show

Charlee said...

I don't have cable in my apartment because I don't have the time or desire to watch crazy shows like this! But I'll admit, I do watch them when I'm visiting my parents... and after I see an episode of something like this I always kick myself for wasting time!

Charlee Anne

Barb said...

OMG i saw this show one night this week and i had pretty much the same opinion. i had to turn it off, and i told PJ that i thought these people had serious compulsive tendencies. it's one thing to be thrifty, but to be obsessively cheap and to routinely submit yourself and your family to a substandard level of living because you "like to save money" is not ok. these people likely have some psychiatric issues that should be worked out, not put on display on TV. They are like reverse hoarders, and should be treated the same way - with a trained professional who can coach them into a more appropriate way of saving and spending their money. Ridiculous!

REBrown said...

I saw the one where they went out into a park and picked a salad. Seriously - just grow it in your yard if you want it that bad.

Casey said...

TLC = what happens when public television becomes privatized. It used to be The Learning Channel, and was a joint effort between the Departments of Health, Education and Welfare, and NASA.


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