Friday, March 14, 2008

Preppy Delivery and Old Navy Bust

I decided to run over to Old Navy this afternoon to check out the fabu deals that y'all have found lately. It was a dreary, rainy and gloomy day. So imagine my delight and surprise when I spotted the cutest, preppiest delivery van ever ahead of me. Do you know what I did? That's right...I sped up. I reached in my bag, pulled out my camera case, unzipped it to pull out the camera, turned on said camera, zoomed in and took a picture to share my preppy find with y'all. All while driving on the Northway. Um...I think I have crossed the line from blog loyalty to blog obsession. Literally my first thought was, "Oooh, the bloggy preps will want to see this!"

I made it to Old Navy without injuring anyone, thankfully! I parked, walked in and immediately thought that it had been close to a year since my last visit to Old Navy. Everything looked different. Everything actually looked like Wal-mart. Because it was a Wal-mart. No longer an Old Navy. Fancy that. But it was a Super Wal-mart. I have only been to those a few times. Yes, we have them here. I just never go in them. But since it was rainy and I was already inside, I walked around for a few minutes. The food section was downstairs. And OMG it was so fun- if you want to move your shopping buggy from one floor to the next, you shove your buggy on this special escalator and it moves up or down just as you do on the regular escalator. Have y'all seen this before? I was fascinated. I am seriously considering going back just for the novelty of it all. After a few minutes though it sunk in that I would have to go over to the mall to find that Old Navy store. It is super close- I was just hoping to avoid the mall of a late Friday afternoon. So after driving over the the dreaded mall, parking and maneuvering my way past the teeny boper mall rats, I was totally deflated that I didn't' find a single item I loved at Old Navy. Not one. They had some cute sun-dresses but they all required a strapless bra. And I ONLY wear one of those if I am in a wedding requiring one. That's how you know I am a true friend. No, my girls are too big to ever look decent in a strapless dress. Not to mention that they are all sized to fit B and C boobs. I found a darling solid white shift dress at JCrew that I am in major love with but I am having a hard time figuring out when I would ever wear an all white dress. But it is sooo cute. Hmm...the more I think about it the more I love it. It just might need to be mine before the weekend is over. OK- in downloading the pic I found out it comes in black and this adorable blue colors too. They only had the white in my store. Loving the blue- which is odd for me as I only own about 2 blue items- just not a blue girl. I think I'm sold. Could this be considered "mountain casual" maybe? I'm thinking with flats and a cardigan for the rehearsal dinner maybe?

Also...if you have not yet read this post by Preppy Pearl Girl, you MUST read it now. Sure we all get stories similar to this in email forewords but this makes it personal. A very important reminder for all women!! Thanks for sharing PPG!


tulipmom said...

That van is unbelievable!

The only time I'm in Super Walmart (actually Walmart period) is when we visit my in-laws in Kentucky. I go in for a couple of items and end up spending hours there just wandering around.

Oh and the shopping cart escalators .... we have those at a few of our larger Targets around here. SB just loves them! I've had my cart get stuck on more than one occasion so I usually try to avoid them.

Emily said...

Aww too bad you went through so much trouble and didn't like Old Navy! I just went there today and I bought this great seersucker blazer!

Buford Betty said...

I was drooling over that very dress in the catalog yesterday morning while drinking my coffee. I love it! Oh you can wear that out to Target - I mean who needs an excuse?

Yeah the Target in Buckhead has the escalator buggy thing - very cool. Though annoying when you can't figure out which floor that bottle of detergent is on... up and down, up and down.

Love the van!

Old Navy is always hit or miss for me too... I usually just get basics there. I have the tanks in every color ever made since I live in those year-round.

Buford Betty said...

Oh and PS - skip the cardi on the dress... the sleeves are the cutest part! xoxoxo

Preppy Lizard said...

Oh that van is awesome! You are too funny that you pulled out your camera and took a pic.
I LOVE LOVE LOVE the dress from
J. cute!
I totally bombed at Old Navy this week too. I found 1 cute bangle braclet and that was it. My husband on the other hand found 2 pairs of shorts, seersucker pants and two golf shirts...NOT FAIR!

Kate said...

I haven't had much luck at Old Navy lately either. Usually they are at least good for some baiscs (tees, etc) to go with nicer pieces - but last time I went I was really disappointed w/ the quality. Read your friends' story -whew! Scary! but sounds like she did just the right thing!

Kate said...

I love the dress and that van is great!

Gabi said...

love the delivery van! Thanks for the link to Preppy Pearls story. A good heads up for all of us.

The Pink Clutch said...

Super cute dress and LOVE the van. What a great idea! I would have driven off the road staring ... Love your blog ... just added you to my roll.


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