Sunday, March 9, 2008

More Birthday Happies

Last week I sat for my cousin's kids for a few hours so that she could take a class. I hadn't seen the kids in an abnormally long time so I was pretty excited to hang out with them for a few hours- even it we had to do homework of fractions and reading in that time frame before bed. When I arrived they had already eaten (this is the cousin I have mentioned several time who is amazing in the kitchen) but she saved me a plate. Score! Ham, potatoes, and green veggies. Mmmm! But when I walked into the dining room I found this cake and bag of presents waiting for me. How cute is that!! She is really just so thoughtful!
So after dinner the kids and I each had a big piece of chocolate cake. Now I don't actually like cake. At all. I think it's a combo of it's super icky sweet icing and the texture of the cake. I don't know - I have just never liked cake. I am a pie girl. But this was so sweet and thoughtful so I had to eat it up and smile. I left half of it there for the kids and brought the rest to my dad - he loved it. And I adored the sentiment!! And the fun presents from Mary Kay and two postcards made by the kids and a really neat sewing book.
While I was putting dishes away in the kitchen, the youngest E took in some cuddles with Daisy the dog. Just look at those two sillies together - they have a special relationship. Too cute!


tulipmom said...

That E. is some cutie alright!! And how sweet of your cousin to remember your birthday.

Linda S said...

Cute pic and what a yummy cake!!! happy birthday!!

Lori said...

THANK YOU so much for the sweet package you sent me this weekend! The quilt square is soooo sweet, I can't believe you put that all together! And the bib was such a surprise, thank you so much~ it's adorable!
I sent you an thank you note in the mail but also wanted to write you a quick email! :)
Thank you for the very special package!!


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