Friday, March 7, 2008

First Quilt Square

This quilt square also made it into the mailbox this week too. I had a very crafty-productive week! I am a fan of this sweet blog and wanted to participate in her collection of quilt squares. It's the sweetest idea - she is collecting 100 quilt squares from friends and family and bloggers to be made into a quilt that will offer love and well wishes 100 times over. She also asked for a little note and a piece of small fabric to include with the note to be placed in an album to remember who sent what for years to come. I just love this idea and think it could be great for a second or third baby when trying to avoid a shower but still wanting to do something special.

So I have never actually made a quilt square before. It's too big and will need to be cut down to size. I'm really sorry about that! I missed the boat on that one. But I think I did a good job at keeping to the pink, green and white color scheme. And my favorite part is that center section which has a little quilted cupcake made from chenille, minky and flannel. It doesn't pop as much as I thought it would in my head, though. If I use this idea again I would make that background square a color that would make the cupcake pop more. But it is all so soft and fuzzy. Hopefully her baby girl likes it one day. As I mentioned, I have never quilted. It's not terribly complicated but don't look too closely at my square because it is all wonky and crooked- especially the cupcake. I like to think of it as having some personality.

This is the note that I included. And I made a little tiny quilt square as my extra fabric to go along with it. And I made a toddler size bib out of pink with black polka dot fabric because I am recently obsessed with making bibs. And one wonders why I am single! Anyway, I was pretty pleased with my first attempt at a little quilting. I doubt this will become a new hobby but I am definitely going to use this idea in lieu of showers for girlfriends in the coming years. Love it!


tulipmom said...

I love the 100 squares quilt idea. I had never heard of it before receiving a 100 wishes growth chart at my shower a few weeks ago.

What an adorable bib! Have you ever thought about selling your stuff on etsy?

Linda S said...

Very cute square...what a great idea


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