Friday, March 7, 2008

Apron Swap

I am becoming such a swap addict! I love making prezzies and exchanging prezzies from friends I don't even know. There is just something so sweet about it all. So my latest swap, organized by the fabulously crafty Abby, was to make (or buy even) and apron and include a little something extra related to the swap. I totally lucked out with my new apron! Look how adorable and me this apron is! Pink and green and Spring goodness! Thank you, thank you! It traveled all the way from Texas with a fun wooden spoon and a cute pad/magnet set. Love it all!
I did a little experimenting with the apron that I made myself. I didn't use a pattern - just "winged" it. I will probably change a few things my next go-round but I still think it turned out pretty cutie patootie. It's reversible- light blue with a pocket featuring pies and sweets on one side and red polka dot with a pocket featuring cherries on the other side. The sash is extra long so that it can be tied in front. And my favorite feature is the grosgrain ribbon ruffle. I just think it makes it extra fun. I included a wooden spoon and a cookbook and because I sent it late, a set of coasters. Since wrapping is another addiction in my life, I wrapped it up in silver paper with pink and yellow grosgrain ribbon. Hopefully it made it to its new home already. I had a ball putting it all together and just loved being a part of this fun Spring swap. Thanks for organizing it Abby!


Abby said...

WOW!!! The apron you made turned out AMAZING - totally cute!! I can't believe what cute aprons have popped up from this swap!! And I love the one you got, too - super cute! Will you email me your pics and I'll put them up on our Flickr page?!

Crazy Girl Blond said...

Thanks so much for the apron. I love it! It was so exciting getting my first swap apron in the mail. It was wrapped so cute so much fun to open up and see what was inside. I love to wrap so I appreciate the time and effort. You are great!


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