Saturday, March 29, 2008

No Comment

So if you have seen me on your blog today (I still am not really clear on how you know people are on your blogs but whatev...) but I didn't comment, don't get mad at me. I have tried several times to comment on a number of posts. But no matter how many times I click or double click or click really hard, I just can't seem to get into anyone's comment sections. And I was also told that my email is not appearing in my "About Me" section right now.

Clearly blogger and I are in the midst of a disagreement. I think that blogger should work and blogger simply doesn't feel like it. Blogger is stubborn. But I am hoping that this is just a little lovers quarrel.

Time will tell...


Whatsoever is Pure said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog this evening! Glad that you were able to comment! Hope you will come again. :)


workinthatpreppy said...

try to comment on my blog site. i would love to have you:o)

Shannon said...

I thought my blog might be of interest to you


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