Friday, March 21, 2008

Happy Easter

Yup. I did another swap. I'm addicted. Meet my newest swap partner- isn't her art so much fun?! So for my Easter themed swap I sent her an Easter apron in fun colors of pink, green, yellow and purple. Both sides are the same plaid but one side has a pocket in the shape of a cracked Easter egg and the other side is pocket-less (so she can use it the other 51 weeks of the year). I added a ruffle of grosgrain ribbon too- because I love me some grosgrain ribbon! And a little baggie (pink polka dot on outside and lined with the cute plaid on inside) filled with rick-rack, glitter, and a coffee/tea cup cozy. I hope she enjoys it this weekend.

And I hope y'all have a very happy Easter too (for those who celebrate)! It's cold here but what else is new? I'm making honey baked spiral ham. Have I ever told you my ham story? No? Well here it is.

So many years ago I was a nanny for a family in the DC area. A (very, very wealthy) single mom and two kids. The job had its ups and downs- as all jobs do I suppose. So the mom was a piece of work. I usually liked her. She was very nice and we could have really fun conversations. But as I became closer to the family I realized that she didn't really have any "real" friends. Meaning, she called all sorts of people her "friends" but those women would stab each other in the back right and left if it might in some way "better" themselves. Pathetic if you ask me. And lonely. I cannot imagine being without any real, true best friends. Heck, many of my blog friends are more loyal than that group of women. Seriously! But I digress....I could have an entire blog solely devoted to my nanny stories. I'll try to remember to tell more in the future. They are very entertaining.

So ham... Well Nanny Mom was telling me this story of her oldest and best friend. Trying to describe her to me. She said, "They are the kind of people who eat those hams. You know the kind, the spiral hams with sugar coating and those casseroles. We don't eat food like that." (All was said in a "I am better than you" tone of voice. She (and her whole snotty posse) used that snooty-snot tone hourly. That whole group was all about claiming to be better than everyone else in the loudest possible way.) So to this day, bestie will call me every time she and her family partake of those hams. My whole family thinks this story is hilarious because we rarely have a large family gathering without a ham. Maybe it's just my family but spiral ham is one of my all time favorites. Mmmmm.

So if you too will be indulging in ham and even a casserole or two this weekend, think of me and the look on my face as Nanny Mom was going on and on about how lowly her "friend" was because they ate "poor people food." She didn't actually say that, but wow was it ever implied.


Suburban prep said...

Too cute.

Lauren @ Adventures of a Southern Newlywed said...

Oh my goodness! I love honeybaked ham. What is so bad about them? Her loss!

Have a Happy Easter!

Michelle said...

LOLOL...too funny! We will be having a ham tomorrow (on the buffet at the place we have gone for Easter dinner for years -- my family isn't much into gathering for much of anything but funerals!)...I will keep an eye out for some casseroles and let you know if we were "those people"! LOLOL

Pink, Green, and Southern said...

That is funny. I do love some poor people food though!

The Merry Martini said...

I had a spiral ham yesterday at a friends and today at the in-laws, I of course enjoyed it both times! On top of that..I had green bean casserole, yeah I have no class... :)

Hair Girl said...

I was raised a spiral sliced girl, but married a "casserole covered in crackers" boy. I mean that every Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter would not be complete without 4-5 food items covered in Ritz crackers!
My dear Grandma, was a "Martha" before Martha. She did the Spiral sliced thing to save time for all her other wonderful dishes. "You can't do it all; Just do what you do, the best!"
M.C. Rutledge ( my grandma)

Buford Betty said...

Yep, that's one of my favorite stories. Me and my PWT fam'ly dined on a honkin' huge Honey Baked Ham and we had us a broccoli casserole yesterdee. Hee haw! ;-)

Oh you gotta tell about how she wanted you to iron the kids' PAJAMAS! I love that one. I know you got a gazillion stories up your sleeve.

Preppy Lizard said...

That Apron is super cute!
And that Crazy Mom has no clue what she is missing by not eating a Honey Baked Ham! Too bad for her.


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