Saturday, March 8, 2008

Best Outfit Ever!

It is raining here. And has been for two days now. It's warm though- low 40's. Yes, that is warm this time of year. Pathetic - I know! Anyhoo... I am just trying to set the scene for my story.

So yesterday I popped into Marshalls. I don't know why- it was crappy outside. But I did. I found nada- just rows and rows of junky stuff. So after a few minutes I left. But not before witnessing the Best Outfit Ever! There I was in the shoe section looking for yet another pair of ballet flats when this girl walks past me. She looked to be high school/college aged. I have a hard time telling the difference. Her hair was up in that pony tail/bun/bird's nest hot mess on top of her head. This however is no longer shocking to me because all my little sorority girls wear their hair like this. You know the look- like they did their hair three days ago and have not touched it or washed it since then. Moving on down though bc her hair is just the tip of the iceberg. She had on this super tissue thin white 3/4 sleeve T-shirt that had holes (on purpose- it looked like the shirt was perforated) so I guess it could be considered "breezy" on top of super thin. On top of the barely-a-shirt she wore a sweater vest. But not just any vest. It was one of those mini vests. Looks like it is shrunken but really it is designed to be belly baring. Oh but hold on because this next part is the best part of the outfit. She wasn't wearing pants or a skirt but wearing....SHORTS! White, short short denim shorts to be exact! And as if they were not short and tight enough, she rolled them even shorter. Which had to be hard to do considering how tight and short they were to start. They were the length of those boy cut panties that are so popular for women these days. But she was likely not wearing any panties because her shorts were so tight that I could not see any visible pantie line. And no, I am not a pervert. I just couldn't help staring- it was such a sight. The friend she was with was dressed normal- jeans and a fleece jacket. Oh, I almost forgot to mention that she was wearing flip flops too. I mean, what other footwear would come close to finishing off that outfit properly? I stood there trying to think of a way I could break out my digital camera (it was in my purse- just right there in finger reach!) to preserve this little number for all eternity. It was just so seasonally appropriate!


Kate said...

Gotta love that baby hooker look! I see quite a bit of this in NJ:)

Pink, Green, and Southern said...

I completely understand! I HATE it when people wear stuff like that. It is winter outside. I mean, I live in SC and its warm...but still, there is a time and place for things like that and it's called summer.


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