Saturday, March 29, 2008

Another Yucky Baldwin Brother

Did anyone else happen to see 20/20 last night? And the interview at the end with Daniel Baldwin regarding his (mainly) coke (and sometimes other drugs and alcohol but he only considers himself a coke addict) addiction? He was asked about his relationship with his daughter. He said that he had times of being a very bad father. But then he also said that it was up to the daughter to decide if she wants to remember the times he was a decent dad or the times he was a crappy dad. So the interviewer was a little stunned and asked him to clarify that he was in fact saying it was up to her to forget that he was very undependable and inconsistent and often a really bad father? He said, yes, that he didn't choose to be hurtful to those around him and that in fact he had really hurt himself much more than any of his loved ones. She needed to see that it was "poor me, poor me, poor me" (referring to himself). The interviewer (with the same gasp look on her face that I was sporting myself at this point) then said, isn't it poor her though?! No he said, because there were times that he was a good person and he really hurt himself much more. He was all sorts of angry at her for even thinking that the daughter was a victim in any of this. And he was pissed when she told him that he did in fact have a choice to not do drugs and not be a crappy person. (Please note that unless I am using quotation marks I am paraphrasing. So don't come hunting me down Daniel Baldwin. You scare me.)

He then had the audacity to go try to do an intervention on some other kid and "save" his life. He was so flippin' self-righteous and high on himself. I was gagging!

You, Daniel Baldwin, are the reason you were a crappy dad/human being. You are in fact still in a sober living halfway house place. You got yourself married and had a baby while you were still 12-stepping it in the transition halfway house place. And Mr. Daniel Baldwin....take note of this last part please because it is the most are scum!

At the end of that piece it said that you and daughter had reconciled. I wonder if you told them that or if she did. I doubt she can ever forgive you if you can't even stinkin' admit that you were crappy and it is YOUR fault for being so crappy.

Ew, he is just so yucky! But I made myself watch because I thought surely he will come around in the end and admit that his poor daughter is not responsible for their lack of a relationship. Nope. Yucky and scummy. Ew!


Dena said...

I thought maybe I had just misheard him when he said that - But now I know I didn't - the whole thing was a little bizarre! but at least the boy got free rehab in sunny calif!

Lauren @ Adventures of a Southern Newlywed said...

Ugh. That is so self absorbed it is crazy. I have never heard someone say something that outrageous.

Anonymous said...

I am with you! I had to STOP watching because I wanted to into the TV and kick his sorry ass! What a poor excuse for a human!
Looks like you found some great stuff at Tar-jay.

Hearts and Crafts said...

Ooooo I am in LOVE with the plaid note cards! They are so pretty!


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