Saturday, March 29, 2008

Paper Makes Me Smile

To prove that I am not turning into a Negative Nelly though, here are some pics (because blog reading is always more fun with pics I think!) of stationary stuff I bought at Tar-jay yesterday. Did I need them? No, of course I didn't. But I was still grumpy so I used a little retail therapy to turn my frown upside down. Well that and a giant Diet Coke. I was telling bestie that it's probably very pathetic that my mood can be altered by a caffeinated beverage. Whatev. It worked, so why mess with simple solutions?!

So first I found this big stack of round note paper. Now this I did actually need. I used to have a giant square note pad but I used it up a few months ago. Oh sure, I have other pads. But just as I am picky about pens (I pretty much only used ultra fine Shaprie markers in wild colors. Or drafting pens. Don't ask why. Just because I like them is why!), I am also picky about note paper. And I love this stack of notes. I love the colors and I love that it's round and it totally made me smile.

Then I spotted these small gift/note cards. Now I totally do not need these. But they are scented vanilla. And they look so yummy fun too. So home they came. I'll use them though. I am old school and use stationary and note cards on a very regular basis. And I write thank you notes for everything. And send cards just because. So that's me justifying this silly purchase. Whatever- they are staying. I love them.

And then I looked up and what did I see? The note cards for every proper prep...madras plaid print! Don't you just adore them? I know, me too!

So a few weeks ago I found this smushy neck travel pillow in the $2.50 section of Tar-jay too. After traveling to Hawaii last year without one, I decided it was a necessity. But I forgot about needing one until I saw it in that bin. I knew immediately that I would make a removable (read: washable) pillowcase for it too. And I did just that the other night. I still need to tweak it but I think it's pretty fun. I used random fabric that I had handy and was already washed and ready for use. So cute pink plaid on one side and blue/red whale on the other side. Nothing fancy but still pretty cute if I do say so myself.

Happy Saturday everyone! Cheers!


tulipmom said...

You can always count on Target to perk up your mood. I love your preppy finds!

BTW, I can't seem to access your email via your profile and I have a thank you note waiting to send out .... except stupid me didn't save the box with your address. How to get your address? I don't really want to post my email since it's not gmail (I don't mind YOU having it) ..... how do you feel about posting your email and then I'll email you directly for your snail mail? I'm sure there was a simpler way to go about this but I'm not exactly thinking logically lately :)

Glad you're feeling better!

Preppy Mama said...

Love Target, always perks me up! I have to get those plaid note cards! Too cute!

Hillary Jordan said...

I obviously love paper products too! Oh, and how cool is your neck pillow's pillow case? That's just great, and really cute!

Jodi Ohl said...

Lots of cool purchases--you have great taste!!

Kate said...

Good finds- so glad they have Target here in Melbourne!

Tickled Pink And Green said...

I LOVE that neck pillow and have never seen that at Target! Must look again....


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