Sunday, March 30, 2008

Lord & Taylor

About a year or more ago I was given a gift card to Lord & Taylor. But the closest L&T is a good four + hours away. It can also be used at a variety of other May Company stores. But I don't live close to those either. So every now and then I peek online to see if L&T has anything I want. They usually don't. When shopping online, I am pretty brand-specific. I won't buy clothing or shoes online if I don't already know how they fit. Because I always end up having to pay for shipping to return items that never fit my top half. But this weekend I found this cute Lilly dress that was on sale on the L&T website that I fell in love with. Totally perfect for my mountain wedding in May. I tried to purchase it. I mean, it was on sale and then with my gift card, it was a steal of a deal. But it wouldn't let me purchase it with my gift card. Because the card doesn't have a pin number. There is a note on the screen telling me that if my card is missing a pin number, I can return it to a store for a new one. But this is how I got to this point to begin with- no stores close to me. So I called the 800 number on the card and explained that I don't want to wait to return the card for a new one. I just want to buy this dress. She said she couldn't do that but was happy to give me an address to mail back the gift card and they would just send me a check for the amount of the card. I didn't purchase this card but they are going to give me cash back for it. I just wanted to patronize their online store. Sort of seems a little backwards to me. And considering that this card isn't years old, I imagine that they will be mailing out checks right and left. You make no sense to me, Lord & Taylor. Just in case you were wondering.

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cancersucks said...

Well, maybe you can cash the check and buy yourself something from Lilly instead! is my favorite. Our dog's name is Sadie, too.


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