Monday, August 12, 2013

Guess How Much I Paid For This?!

Let's play another round of guess how much I paid for all of this?

Hints.  I did it in a single transaction at a single store.  I used store coupons and manufacturer coupons and store dollars.  Plus sales.  I broke no rules.

Also, I was down to my last roll of paper towels so I was super excited about this {even though this is not my preferred brand and I don't really like decorations on my paper towels}.

Did you guess?

Well if you said $0.71 before tax, you would be correct!  Plus I earned another $6 in store dollars.

I don't do this well very often.  Mostly because I'm lazy.  But when I score...I score...and it's so much fun!


katie lake said...

I love when I score big! I picked up 4 shampoos and a roll of paper towels for $.31 at CVS recently. I got lucky with an extra $3 email coupon!

Ruth said...

I bet you paid about $1


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