Tuesday, August 13, 2013

What's In A Name? Or About The TN Judge Who Said Too Much.


Did y'all read this story?

Crazy crazy crazy...right?!

For so many reasons.

Who is she to just change a name because she doesn't like it?  Or impart her religious views?  Or claim that's a Christian word?  It's not.  It's a Jewish word.  Used in many faiths for many reasons.  And a fairly common name, at that.  So are lots of other nods to Christianity.  Such as Christopher, Mary and Joseph.  And Jesus is a super common name in Hispanic cultures.  Messiah's not even that crazy of a name.

We also live in a country where we have kids named Blue Ivy, Audio Science and North West.  Arizona and Brooklyn are very popular.  Celeb baby names also include Sparrow, Liberty, Java and Bluebell.  And are perfectly accepted.

On top of that, we have the First Amendment.

Listen, I think people give kids weird names.  Especially when they have extra y's or silent h's or hyphens.  But that's for the parents to decide.  Not the government.

What a weird story!


Casey said...

When kids wind up with names like North West and Apple, I think we should be one of those countries with rules about what you can and cannot name your child. Rules like It needs to clearly indicate the gender of the child, and It can't cause him embarrassment later in life. I think it's funny that they were in court to decide the last name and the judge decided to change the first name too. That's a risk they took when they couldn't work it out themselves.

Flo said...

I agree completely, I think she overstepped the boundaries on this one. I too immediately thought of Jesus in Hispanic cultures, I know someone named that and wouldn't be surprised if he had a son that he would want to name him the same. I hope this judge gets an earful from someone higher up and has to back down, I don't agree with her decision at all.

MCW said...

I have so much to say about this, but I'll just keep my mouth shut!!! Such a strange story. How did that even come to trial???

Wendy said...

While I am not a fan of the name the parents chose, the judge had no right to change the kid's name.

Wendy said...

While I am not a fan of the name the parents chose, the judge had no right to change his name.

Dawn said...

I also think the judge overstepped the mark here.


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