Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Twice As Nice.

They're here!

Please pop over to Bestie's blog today to congratulate her on the birth of twins, Ben and Leo!

Many of you have followed her five + year journey to motherhood, as well as the ups and downs of carrying twins.  After telling folks she thought she would be leaving the hospital yesterday at 31 weeks prego, things took a turn and well...happy birthday baby boys was in short order!

All are doing very well.  Bestie and her hub have tons of wonderful support- they are so blessed!  But it's no less overwhelming.

So please if you think of it, offer up a prayer or positive thought on their behalf.  And do go congratulate her.  She just went though quite the battle and deserves a little love and praise!

1 comment:

Katiellirb said...

Congratulations on your Bestie's twins! Ben and Leo are such cuuuute names (but not as cute as the babies themselves! ;))


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