Tuesday, August 20, 2013

More Sorority Recruitment Tips

I've done a few posts about being in a sorority, how being in a sorority is nothing like what you see on TV,  my love of Greek Life beyond the college years and Sorority Recruitment (Rush) Tips in the past.  So this week, I am going to do a brief series on a few more tips and reasons to join a college sorority (or fraternity).

Today you get my Top Five Reasons to go Greek...

1. It gives you instant friends.

You just left home for the first time, you are living in a tiny room with a stranger and sharing a bathroom down the hall.  You met some nice girls during Orientation week but you don't feel like you are besties with anyone yet.  You miss your momma, your boyfriend, your best friend and your dog.  So you go through Recruitment.  And before you even pledge a chapter, you meet nice girls.  You giggle and have fun.  And then Bid Day happens.  And these great girls are hugging on you and giving you fun presents and sharing special moments with you.  And there, in that New Member Class full of strangers, you randomly sit down next to this girl who becomes your best college friend.  And the two of y'all befriend lots of other great girls.  And BAM...instant friends!  I'm sorry, but you just can't get that from the business club.

2. It gives you a purpose outside of school books and parties.  It's called Philanthropy.

You're smart.  You know how to study hard and you can write the heck out of a term paper.  You have also mastered the fine art of fraternity parties and tailgates.  Daddy would be proud!  You've probably even joined another club like Student Government or Kickball or Newspaper.  Way to go, you over-achiever!  But you know that there is more to life.  You need an outlet to give back to the community, on a regular basis, and have fun at the same time.  Each sorority and fraternity has a special cause or project.  Not only do you get to participate in your sorority's philanthropy projects, but you will also likely work to support all of the other Greek chapters on your campus, too.  Which is so much fun and involves making more friends.  Win, win, win!

3. It gives you unique opportunities to learn leadership skills.

There certainly are other ways to gain leadership skills on your college campus.  But being a member of a sorority is like being a member of a family, in that every has to pull her weight.  Everyone contributes in some way to the chapter's overall success.  You join committees and have meetings.  You learn how to budget and plan events and work with campus, university and community leaders.  You learn how to most effectively voice your opinion and when it is best to go with the flow.  You learn how to sit on a board and use Robert's Rules of Order.  You learn how to listen without judgement, handle conflict, manage projects and collaborate.  You will be hard pressed to find that combination of leadership skills offered to every single member of another group on campus.

4. It gives you support.

This support can come in many forms over your lifetime.  That's right...I said lifetime.  Don't forget that joining a sorority is a LIFETIME commitment.  In college, you might need support in the form of coffee on a day when you are homesick, a ride from an older sister to and from meetings, study files from sisters who took the same classes previous semesters, a dress for the dance, a date for the dance, encouragement to stay in and study for exams, and so much more.  In your 20's, you might need support in getting into grad school, finding a job, or as your bridesmaids.  And beyond that, there are often programs for scholarships, financial support for emergencies, continued leadership training, and on and on.  Sororities are a lifetime of support and love.

5. It gives you a place to call HOME.

Usually this means a physical house (that's mine above...known as the Wedding Cake House...isn't it amazing?!).  A building where sisters live together and work together and have meetings and hold Recruitment and laugh and study and make memories.  It's a place where you can go as an alum to remember all of the fun you had in college and all of the fun you are still having with your best sister friends.  Sometimes chapters have dorm wings or offices in student centers to call their home base.  And really, it's the same thing.  It's that space that's yours.  The decor and faces are what make that home base special.  It's the place you love to go to when you are not in class and not in your tiny dorm room.  There really is no place like home!


If you were in a sorority in college, what were some of your top reasons for joining?  Did I leave any off my top five list that you think are super important to mention?  


Ruth said...

I love that house.
My biggest reason for joining was to meet people as I went to college without anyone from high school, which was totally my plan.

Chelsea @ Married Filing Jointly said...

Are you a Gamma Alpha? I'm a Gamma Alpha from UGA AGD as well! So when I saw our house on your post I gasped with excitement!

I'm also a fellow blogger. :)

I'm your newest follower and look forward to getting to know you better! Check out my blog marriedfiling-jointly.com


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