Friday, August 16, 2013

Creepy Finds From The Latest Antique Show

Two weekends ago I went to an antique show with my cousins.  They are always on a mission to find specific things.  They can spend hours looking at the same things over and over again.

I am never on a mission (though I was keeping an eye out for a basket...just in case).  And just as I am with every other sort of shopping, I can be in and out of a booth in like four seconds flat.  I don't need to linger over every last fork and tchotchke.

I'm really just along for the ride.  It was a perfect, sunny day to be outside.

So while I wait for the family-who-lingers, I take note of the odd and creepy items.  And photograph them.  For the blog.  Once a blogger, always a blogger.

Above are hats.  Which aren't super creepy, but the mannequin heads and wigs always are.  Mostly I took the photo though because bestie Florida spend a good many years obsessed with hats.  They reminded me of her.

So have I ever told you that most dolls creep me out?  Well...they do.  And this doll was life-size!  Extra, super creepy!

I just could not stop laughing at this ottoman.  Some sort of plastic fabric top with Lucite sides.  That is able to be filled and refilled to match your decor.  I mean...who doesn't need this?  Nothing says pretty like fake flowers and fake grass in a fish bowl furniture piece.

And this was just about the only thing I saw that day that I was not endlessly mocking.  Do you know what it is?  Don't feel bad if you don't as I had no idea until I read the sign.

It's a fire extinguisher grenade.

In case of emergency, throw the water filled glass on the fire.  And hope that's enough water to solve the problem.

I sort of wanted it but it was very expensive and also at the very back of the venue.  I was sure it would break before I got back to the car.  It was neat, though!

Have you ever seen a fire extinguisher grenade?  Are you a fan of antiques and/or attending antique shows?  Have you found any great pieces lately?

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Flo said...

I've seen one of those grenades before, but it was a different shape. The ottoman is definitely......strange! You and I would shop well together, I can look quickly. Something either catches my eye or it doesn't.


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