Monday, August 19, 2013

Garden Harvests

Well I've stopped weighing veggies.  It was too much of a pain because I don't do the vast majority of my gardening at home.  I have a community garden plot.  So in order to weigh everything, I either need to bring the scale with me every day or refrain from the joy that comes from eating treats fresh from the garden.  Neither sounded good to me so that was that.  The weighing stopped.

Purple pepper, yellow peppers, pineapple tomatillos.

But to catch you up...

Squash bugs have killed or nearly killed more than half of my squash and melon plants.  The one pumpkin that I was managing to keep alive, albeit hanging half way up on the outside of the fence, just died.  Sad.  My tomatoes are just starting to ripen.  And I have the worst case of blight, something I've managed to escape every year before now.  My four Beefsteaks are on life support in hopes that the fruit will ripen on the vine before I have to pull the plug.  I could harvest a bucket of kale every single day and still have more.  So I refrained from planting a fall crop.  I have plenty and it should easily last through December if we don't get a big snow.  The spring weather was hard on my beans and peas so I have just a few at a time.  I've only managed to cook them once.  Mostly I just snack on the single bean ripe on any given day.  I pulled up all of my root crops because I didn't know what was good and what was a weed.  And then I almost pulled up the replacement crop of turnips.  And let us not forget about my biggest garden pests- the local neighbors.  When I planted broccoli starts on June 01, a fellow gardener told me they would die.  Well I am delighted to tell you (and him next time I see him) that they not only lived, but I have successfully harvested the sweetest broccoli last week.  Side shoots are now starting to come up so I should be able to eat from it a few more times.  I had no idea broccoli could taste that sweet and tender!  I planted a few more for fall.  I am flush in pineapple tomatillos and ground cherries, which are exactly the same thing if you ask me.  And my purple tomatillo plant is full, so that's hopeful.  For the first time ever, I am successfully growing peppers.  Including a garden surprise, a purple pepper.  I didn't buy purple pepper seeds so this must have been a stowaway.  Such a delightful surprise!

Lots and lots of ground cherries!

Do you see my first black cherry tomato in the middle?  SOOO sweet!

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