Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A Favor For A Friend. Actually...It's For My Cousin-ish.

Those who have been around a long while might remember this post.  It's by far my favorite blog story ever.  It takes "it's a small world" to a whole new level, really.

So Cousin-ish, Ginny, and I are still great pals.  Even though she isn't currently blogging.  {sad face!}  I forgive her for that oversight and love seeing her at all of my Junior League meetings.  She's awesomesauce.

And she is in a contest to win a complete bedroom designed by Serena and Lilly for her sweet son, Jack.

Ginny and Jack are preps from tip to tail.  But more than that, because really, that's a silly reason to like someone, Ginny is the kindest person out there.  She is sweet and lovely and beautiful inside and out.  And on top of that, her hair always looks amazing.

So we kind of want to hate her, right?  But you can't because she's so cute and sweet.

It takes no time at all to click the links below (and you can do so once each day/link) to vote for Ginny and Jack.  Please?  The giveaway ends on Friday, Ginny and her husband Rob's 5th wedding anniversary.  Wouldn't it be a sweet surprise to celebrate with a dream big boy bedroom makeover for the little man who is the center of their world?

3 different ways to enter the giveaway {remember you can enter daily}:
Website--Vote for Video #5:
Like the post (Semifinalist #5) that shows Ginny and Jack on this Facebook page:

Like their family photo on Instagram:

Thank you, thank you, thank you, sweet friends, for helping out my friend/cousin/partner in JL crime.

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