Friday, September 3, 2010

Meet Jennifer Solow

This pretty lady is a pretty fabulous author. Who has her next book coming out on September 7th. That's next week, y'all. Meet Jennifer Solow. And get excited about falling in love with a very fun read, The Aristobrats!

Jennifer has a great website and a blog full of terrific posts. Be sure to pop on to read an excerpt from The Aristobrats and take the quiz to find out which character is most like you. I can't wait to read about the fun and drama that follows these endearing prep school girls!

Jennifer sent me her "25 Things You May Not Know About Me" list to share with y'all. I love getting personal details from authors and actors and the like. It makes me feel far more connected, knowing what motivated Jennifer to sit down and write and that we both sing and dance around our homes.

1. I left a twenty-year career after being stuck in downtown Manhattan on 9/11. That afternoon I decided to become a writer.

2. I met my husband in the ashes of the World Trade Center.

3. I kept working on an assignment from my first writing class. The result went on to become a national bestselling novel.

4. I make my own goat cheese and bake bread nearly every day. I am a sucker for fresh-baked bread with sweet cream butter (I make that too).

5. I own hundreds of wigs and they all have names and personalities. (My family won’t let me wear “Foxy” anymore).

6. One of my most embarrassing moments (and there have been many) is when I lost it at a co-worker for not taking care of a (gorgeous!) long, blonde wig. I will go down in history as the boss who had a hissy fit about a wig.

7. A vampire with real fangs threatened to spank me on my thirtieth birthday.

8. I’ve had the same best friend since I was two years old. We still live around the corner from each other.

9. I own a tractor.

10. I dance in my living room and sing show tunes on the top of my lungs.

11. My favorite book is The Great Gatsby.

12. Don’t ask me to sing “Frank Mills” from Hair because I will.

13. I should be writing my book at this very moment and instead I am procrastinating by writing this list.

14. My best friend and I had a singing group called the “Purring Pussycats” when we were eight-years-old. We can still break into our old performances at the drop of a hat.

15. I have a friend named Evil Pony Girl who lives on Treasure Island.

16. My mother is the headmistress of a private school.

17. I went on a self-guided tour of the most famous perfumeries in Paris. I am obsessed with perfume and evocative smells.

18. I eat like an absolute horse. More than anyone I know. I used to get free desserts when I was a kid because waiters were dumbfounded.

19. I have no sweet tooth.

20. I have no sense of direction. Like at all. When I come out of a store I have no idea which way I came from.

21. The soccer moms can’t believe I have a wild alter ego. The wild people can’t believe I’m a soccer mom.

22. I am a seriously dangerous yellow belt in Okinawan Shorin-Ryu karate. Rrrr! My hands are like weapons. Sort of.

23. I used to be petrified of the water. Now I’m a Scuba diver.

24. I still type with two fingers.

25. I wrote a book called The Booster.


Jen said...

Sounds like a great book & a very interesting author!!
Can't wait to read!


jennifer solow said...

My heartfelt thanks, Preppy Pink Crocodile!
I appreciate the support.


Preppy in Pink said...

adorable! can't wait to read it

Kate said...

Adding this book the my booklist!


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