Saturday, September 11, 2010

Itty Bitty Bit Of Cute

I've been a ball of stress the last few days (hence the absence of decent posts) working my bum off.  A million orders.  Which is great.  Except this is Recruitment week.  And I have another major project that I am now a week behind schedule on.  But I could still deal with it all until a family member called to ask for a two day turnaround on a rather large gift basket.  But it's family and an excuse to make cute pink things.  I'm such a sucker for cute pink things.  Add in someone saying, "here is the budget, just make whatever you think is fun."  Music to my ears!  So here are a few of the things I did for said family member.  Few things are as gratifying as snipping that last thread to see your final project and loving the end result!  Well, that and ironing.  I know it's strange but I love ironing.  Checking 20 things off my list in an hour....hello, fabulous!

I am going to make this- or a variation- for the rest of my life.  I love it just that much!  Initial on the front of a onesie.  Cute but nothing magical.

Until you turn it around.  And see the preppy ribbon ruffle butt!  Tell me that did not just make your day brighter!  How old is too old to wear ruffles on your booty?

And my favorite pillowcase dress with the bow at one side and a cutie little birdie at the bottom.  I was going to make the bird's legs brown but that just seemed to realistic.  Pink seemed more Pink Crocodile Designs to me. 

You can't tell from the photo but the dress is actually very tiny- 9-12mos.  Oh how I love tiny things.  It's all just so much more adorable when it's itty bitty!


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about the stress :(

That pink dress is adorable!

P.S. You won my Barnes & Noble giveaway, check out my post!

Anonymous said...

That is so cute! I'm obsessed with the ribbon ruffles! I wish I was capable of actually making something that I would actually show off.

CAC muffin said...

sounds like you need to do some destressing my dear!
I do love the pillow case dress! Its too freakin cute!


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