Sunday, September 19, 2010

Getting Smaller

Of course the small world story to top all small world stories was this one where I found out my anonymous blogger turned Junior League co-chair/friend and I are relatives-ish

But I have another kind of fun small world story that came about the same week.  Remember me talking about the preptastic author Jennifer Solow?  Her book debuted the same day as True Prep.  And with all that excitement in one week you might have missed Jennifer's book The Aristobrats.  Well that and the fact that with only promo on blogs and Facebook, her book completely SOLD OUT in one teeny tiny day.  Everywhere.  Because of bloggers.  Which is flattering and a pickle at the same time.  So it's completely fantastic that so many people love her work.  But it stinks because she has to wait six more weeks for the book to be re-printed.  Book stores are ticked and cancelling orders.  Now she is having to call and beg them to please wait the six more weeks.  Who knew selling books, like everything else in life, was so political?  I know this because I am Rosey Nosey and asked.  One email turned into four...we all know how that goes.  And now I just think Jennifer is the bee's knees (do bees really have knees?).  Go visit her blog and read all about her and the book if you missed my earlier post.  And then when you are in book stores in the coming weeks, please take just one minute to request that they re-order The Aristobrats by Jennifer Solow.  It will not take you more than a moment and would mean a lot to a fellow preppy blogger.

Oh but I got so sidetracked as usual.  The point of this post is actually to tell you another small world story.  So I mentioned on here wanting to know who was reading my blog in my area of Upstate NY.  I can see y'all- or your city anyway.  And I would LOVE to know you and how you found my blog.  I went years not having anyone north of the Mason Dixon or south of Canada reading my blog.  Well she read that post and asked me where I lived.  I told her.  It turns out she has a country home pretty stinkin' close to me.  Closer to me than her, actually, as she lives on the west coast.  What's more is that we know some of the same people and have been in the same shops.  OK, so we are not relatives-ish (That we know of anyway.  How many of you would faint if I popped on to say I meant another cousin-ish one of these days? That would be hilarious!) but we are neighbors-ish.  Even though she lives in California and I live in a very small city.  That is waaaay upstate.  Not like a suburb of Manhattan.  But up in (or five minutes from) the mountains.  Most people have never heard of my area, let alone my city.  So the chances of us knowing people in common when we live thousands of miles apart are slim to none.  I think that's so much fun!  My world is shrinking with every blog post these days. 

Oh and without me asking, she got all huffy on my behalf on her Facebook page and twitter this week regarding my ridiculous etsy situation.  Because she rocks.  So don't forget to ask your booksellers to order her book!  Tell them you want to see a full shelf of The Aristobrats!  If you don't request it, they are not likely to order it.  And that just seems like crazy talk.  So ask.  Request.  Pre-order.  It won't take you but a minute and would mean a lot to a fellow prep.  Let's show some support for a blog friend!


Peachy Keen said...

It is a teeny tiny world, huh? It so fun meeting people who know your people (I can never resist the"do you know so-and-so" game even when the odds are so slim!)

I'll definitely have my mother enquire into Artistobrats at our local B&N!

Mrs. Kindergarten...aka...Madame Spoiled said...

I certainly will be asking about the book! It looks great and I do so have a "prep~in~training," of the age 13. Now I know she would be lovin' this book! Love, Mrs. Kindergarten

Suburban Princess said...

I love this! Since I added a stats counter on my blog 2 weeks ago I see 24 or more people from Toronto have visited my blog - which means there are a lot of people very close to me who I could know reading me!

Kate said...

Oooh! I was looking for a fun read so I will DEFINITELY head over to B&N and check it out/ask them to order it!!


I'll do it ! Rock on the Aristobrats !!

Shannon said...

Thanks for telling us about this book! It's amazing how quickly things can be passed along through blogs and just word of mouth! Hope her book sells tons of copies and that you're having a great weekend!

jennifer solow said...

OMGasp, you guys!!

How completely sweet, lovely and adorable of all of you all! I can not begin to explain how great it feels to have your support.

I'm sitting here at my house, it's raining, my kids are driving me nuts, I'm in a foul mood, I bought, like WAY too much Trader Joe's prepared food to fit in my fridge--and then I see THIS. It feels like a great big hug! (Which I seriously needed today!)

My publisher did inform me that books should be back on the shelves this week - so hopefully you'll be able to get a copy (or at least be dramatically outraged!).

Thank you, my new friends. If you ever need anything...drop me a line! It's the "Old Girl Network" at its finest.

Much love!

What Kate Wore said...

She really is very cool, and I love a book that shows the benefits of nice girls over 'mean girls,' we need more like that.

Sending you a smile Miss Crocodile,

Ruth said...

It really can be a small world.


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