Sunday, September 5, 2010

Come Out Of Hiding

I've noticed a lot of locals are reading my blog all of a sudden (or I just started paying attention so maybe y'all have been reading for some time and I didn't know it). De-lurk yourselves please! I'd love to know who you are and will gladly read your blog too if you tell me about it. I also suspect that I might know some of y'all. So if we know each other in real life and you are reading my blog but not telling me you are reading my blog...tsk tsk tsk. That's like eavesdropping. Come clean, friends! And if there are several of us, we should totally have a preppy meet-up one of these days too.


Molly said...

So how can you tell who is reading it, I have often wondered that myself?

Sandra said...

I'm not hiding! I'm right here! And yes, I'm with Molly, how can you tell if people have been reading?

Lauren said...

Hi! :) I'm pretty sure you live in my area, but I didn't know that when I first started reading!


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