Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Aaron Karo Is A Funny Man

I've talked about him before, but let me again say that Aaron Karo is a funny man!  He is a year younger than me and at some point during college, I started reading his Rumination emails.  I've been a fan from day one!  He's all big and famous-ish now but I still love his weekly emails.  Below was pilfered directly from the email that popped in my box on Sunday night.  I believe they were written by folks who now email Aaron their funny thoughts too.  It really doesn't matter.  Funny is funny and these all made my laugh out loud. 

So thanks, Aaron.  Or, Aaron's fans.

Chances are if you're using a pay phone, shit's not going well.


If I have to buy you a present when you get married, then you have to buy me a present when you get divorced. It's only fair.


Choosing the option to "repair the wireless network" has never once, ever, accomplished anything close to helping me get back to the Internet.


Is anything more useless than when people use "going on" when telling you their age? "I'm nineteen going on twenty." Yeah, no shit, I understand how numbers work.


I wonder how many babies Johnson & Johnson made cry in order to find the perfect, tear-free shampoo formula.


Few things suck worse at work than being recognized for being good at something you really hate doing.


Why is the oven the only appliance that's self-cleaning? I say we spread that awesome technology to every appliance, starting with the damn microwave.



Pennsylvania Prep said...

I saw Aaron Karo live a few years ago...he is really funny!!

Glitterista said...

Hahaha! Love the one about age and how numbers work. What a great way to start a rainy Tuesday. :)

Barb said...

these are all sorts of hilarious... my favorite is the one about being good at something you hate doing, its pretty much the story of my life at work!

Suburban Princess said...

The payphone one is so true - we have two payphones in town and whenever I see someone using them I always think...wow, that person must be down on their luck! Even the boutiques will let you make a call to get a ride or something lol.

Susan R said...

Too funny, I particularly like the Johnson and Johnson comment, all of them really. Funny guy.

Aaron Karo said...

Right - these aren't from my, they're from posts to my site Ruminations.com!

Lisalulu said...

agreed, they are funn!

Momma said...

Super funny! Had to read them to my husband!


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