Saturday, September 11, 2010

Better Or Worse

Well it's another September 11th and I am not sure how I feel about it this year.  It seems like all of a sudden things have gotten worse around this dear old country of ours.  The hate and bullying and name calling and finger pointing and nasty commenting feel more out of control now than they did a decade ago.  Maybe I just notice it more, but that's how I see it from this seat anyway.  It's so sad.  And frustrating.  The rah rah pro hate in the name of my xyz religious affiliation is just gross.  People seem...I don't know...scared...or maybe find any commonalities.  And I don't just mean between Christian extremists and Islamic extremists.  I mean between everyone, regardless of religion.  Including and excluding religion.  In fact, I am not convinced that the real issue has a darn thing to do with religion(s) or politics.  Those are just easy excuses.  We can't seem to see beyond our own noses.  And we don't want to. That's what feels so sad to me.  The refusal to open eyes.  The lack of civility.  Lack of manners.  Lack of respect.  Total loss of love and kindness.  The "I'm right because I said so" mentality.  It feels like our mighty nation is imploding.  And those who wish us harm are watching with joy.  We are all hot and bothered about a repeat of 09.11, but it turns out we are doing a bigger job all on our own.  I think this mess is going to take more than shoe x-rays at airports to fix.  We need to learn some ice breaker and team-building skills.  How hard do you think it would be to fit our entire country into a group therapy session?

Note:  I will likely take this post down soon.  Because people can't sit on their hands when rude things pop in their heads.  You certainly do not need to agree with me but if you want to see your comment in print, you need to mind your manners and find a polite way to speak your peace on my blog.


MER said...

Thank you for posting this! I'm watching everything from London, wondering 'what is going on in my country?' The mood here in London is headed in the same direction...we hear there are protests planned across the City.

Anonymous said...

I am in london watching your country too. I am British but for 3 years lived in the Bahames. We left our son there as he was working as a Master Dive Instructor at the time . On that dreaded day, my son was meant to be meeting friends for breakfast in the restarant in the Twin Towers. Luckily he over slept and missed his flight but a few of his friends were killed. It took us 4 days before we knew he was safe. So on this day, l am thinking of you allxIt is also difficult for me because l have many Muslim friends and they are just as upset but feel they are blamed for something a few of their fellow Muslims did, which they do not have any part in and do not agree with. Lynda.xx
My blogs are a daily photo blog of London and my other journeys
and my Art blog is
Love your blog.x lynda

Suburban Princess said...

Wow. This is so well said. Would you mind if I reposted this on my blog? With your byline of course. I think this is just so worth repeating...over and over and over.

I think many western countries are going through this exact same thing...rudeness abounds. Texting while driving, not saying thank you, and so many other rude behaviours are just the tip of the iceburg. And I worry we wont be going back to a time of civility.

MCW said...

I think some people are extremely sheltered in their lives, which leads to ignorance, which leads to hate...

Tammy B said...

I so agree with you.

Editor of The Dandy American said...

Well done my friend. I applaud your words. Our beautiful country is in a very misguided state right now. Unfortunately, there are those of us who wish never to look in the mirror at themselves. It is easier for some to fight the monster that we've created outside ourselves, without ever realizing that it is the monster within that needs to be destroyed.
Keep up the good works that you do.


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