Saturday, August 28, 2010

Some Great News

I finally got my computer and printer to get along. And print. On command (or you know, when I click print).

Oh you thought I found a man a got married? No, no silly gooses! But figuring out technology all on my very own is a mighty big accomplishment for this technology idiot. So, all hope is not lost. It turns out I can do some things in life. And seeing as how I need to print some stuff out, I'm all smiles!

Oh and I also had a great dinner. The salad from Target that has the chicken and dried cherries and walnuts and goat cheese. Have y'all had that? OMG so good. I'm serious. The next time you are running errands, it makes a great lunch or dinner.

This is me focusing on the positive. The happy little things in life. Like Target salad and printing meeting agendas.


Anonymous said...

I love when things like the printer work properly! Your target salad sounds amazing - I just discovered there's a new target right near the hotel I'm staying at during recruitment. It's a happy advisor moment.

Maureen said...

I just spent an hour at Target buying deodorant and a sock organizer. So, considering this was my Saturday night fun, I am all about celebrating your good news.

:) Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


Henley on the Horn said...

Good for you! It sounds like you had a great day. Do your stores do buy one/get one? If so, you use your coupons then. You'll need 2 sets of each coupon. I use a binder with dividers and baseball card holders to hold the coupons. My dividers are labeled baby, beverages, canned, condiments, dairy, drug items, etc. The coupons are easy to find and I only buy brands I use!

AEOT said...

Just wanted to leave you a note about your last post. I can totally understand why you are feeling the stress and worrying about the "countdown". I'm married and just had my first baby at 32, and I know I'll fall into the "Advanced Maternal Age" by the time we have our third. I wish I could offer good advice or send you a wonderful man, but you've heard it all and by now it just starts to sound trite. Have you looked into temporary foster care? It's often for infants who need care in the first few weeks/months of life while their family life gets straightened out. Not sure if that would work for you and your life/work schedule, but it may offer a fulfilling role in your life. Being a single mom and adopting can be very hard, esp without family who are close that you can rely on, but I've known people who have done it and made it work! Something to consider and look into at a gradual pace- you DO have time! That I know!

Ruth said...

I am always excited when I can get technology to work for me too.

Jo said...

You rock!

I am placing you on a pedestal because I've been in your shoes and failed miserably! Mind you, this was with my husband trying to talk me through the situation on the phone as he is getting ready to go out to sea on the opposite coast. Next time I'm calling you ~ you're closer :)

Have a great day~

Annabel Manners said...

I've never even see a Target salad - I need to get with the program. Congratulations on showing that printer who's boss! :)

Cindy said...

Just stumbled onto your blog... I am loving your design. I am thinking of making a change back to my original pink and green. Who do you think does the best blog design? xo

Kitchen Belleicious said...

LOL! You are so funny! I am excited for you because I am also jealous! My printer hasn't worked in FOREVER!


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